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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Julesk, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Hey violoingirl No experience of hypnobirthing but have undergone hypnotherapy related to a phobia and was amazing left me relaxed for weeks so bet it would be useful, I'd be really interested to hear how you get on with it!
  2. I completed a hypnosis for childbirth course before I had my daughter. Any form of hypnosis, basically, teaches you to totally relax your body thus increasing release of oxytocin which helps labour progress and decreases release of adrenaline which inhibits labour progression. It really helped going on a course, ours was a lady who was just starting out so it was only £75 for a 4 week course, and she went through some ante natal stuff, positioning etc and it was so much more helpful than the NCT stuff we did. I wish I hadn't bothered with NCT. I don't think a book would have been enough for me to quite get 'deep enough'. so if you can find someone to help with hypnosis, it will help you deepen your relaxation. It might be worth contacting a 'normal' hypnotherapist and seeing if they can provide some one off sessions to help you relax. If not, the CDs will help.

    I found it helped labour really well. The midwives didn't really think I was in established labour and wanted to send me home as I was so chilled, until they checked and I was 6cm- no pain releif, contractions were uncomfortable but not unmanagable and involved just a calmness.
    I got to the pushing stage pretty easily, - I had gas and air but more because I wanted to see what it was like...... then had a c-section as my daughter was distressed. Once I stopped using the hypnosis techniques everything seemed to hurt a lot more... but I was really worried about her. I am a bit gutted I couldn't see it through but, that's life!

    I think there are hypnobirthing births on youtube... have a look, they are quite calm births

    I found doing the course helped me stop being scared of labour, doing the CDs during pregnancy helped me rest, relax during pregnancy.
    Amyway- I love it but it can't guarantee things won't happen outside your control, but I would definately do it!
  3. Well I really want to do this. I have a massive massive fear of giving birth (I probably have tokophobia as I have really mild panic attacks thinking about it when I imagine the actual process) I am reading the childbirth without fear book and want to do this too. I have decided there will be no pain and all will be good (going on the whole Secret book of a PMA too, gosh I sound mad hehehehe).
    How much does a hypnobirthing class cost (Isee above £300 is mentioned)? I really wanted to do the Mongan method but can't find anyone doing it near me. Anyone know of the qualifications I should be looking for in the practitioner?

    thanks ladies
  4. violingirl

    violingirl New commenter

    I just googled Hypnobirthing and found a whole list if practitioners in my area. I also looked at the Mongan Method site and that it interesting. There is also something called Natal Hypnotherapy which seems to be similar and seems to be cheaper. It did seem to cost just under £300 in my area for the Mongan method.
  5. I completed the Natal Hypnotherapy by Maggie Howell. The course was really good, and got loads of ideas and methods for a clam and relaxed birth. I practiced the methods of relaxation throughout my pregnancy and moreso towards the end. I tried to follow through these during my labour and was successful in remaining relaxed for about 24hours or so without any pain relief but after (I had a 50+ hour labour!) that, I just couldn't focus and my body could not get into a relaxed state, hence not dilating enough. I took gas and air, and tried pethidine then finally but reluctantly had the epidural and had to have an emergency Cesarean section at the end! Was disappointed with not being able to have a natural birth, but have a beautiful baby girl who is a year old in a few weeks! Will try it again for baby number 2 though xx
  6. I would disagree with this, I found it kept me very grounded and relaxed and reached 9cm with no pain relief and it certainly helped me stop feeling nervous- it can be the panic and fear which can tense your body up, make the pain worse and slow down labour so you get to the stage where nothing will help. Hypnotherapy certainly prevented me getting to that stage in the first place- the midwives didn't believe I was in labour as I was so chilled out. I didn't really do all of the 'imagine your cervix as an opening flower' thing though.
    Although it may be different with an induction as I believe the contractions hit you quicker.
    (That isn't meant to sound like I am slating epidurals either, if I had needed one, I would have had one! Anything to take the pain away).,

    I am not sure what 'qualifications' you should look for. My practitioner was an independant hypnotherapist and was not part of the natal hypnotherapy or hypnobirthing franchise but it worked on the same principles- teaching your body to relax deeply.
  7. My sister had a hypnobirth and all I can say really is that she is the biggest wus known to man! She hates blood and needles yet had a home birth for her first child with no pain relief! She started with irregular contractions on a Friday afternoon and then popped the baby out at 8am on saturday morning. She had a paddling pool and a midwife and two paracetamol and that was it so I guess she did quite well :) She went to see a lady who was also just starting out coaching in hypnobirthing so it was a bit cheaper. She's now pregnant with her second and will be hypnobirthing with this one too.
  8. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I was induced with my 2nd, and it definitely is quicker and more painful. I went from slight cramps to contractions lasting over a minute 2.5 mins apart, which lasted for just over 4 hours until I had my baby. I had 2 pessaries, but not the drip. It's harder too because you're in hospital and not your own environment. With my first I was at home and arrived at hopsital 10cm dilated, so that was definitely easier.
    I didn't do hypnobirthing, but tried to stay focused, and to think of nice things every time i had a contraction. I'd imagine hypnobirthing is something like that? I could hear a baby crying on a ward and was focusing on that, and also looking out the window to distract myself.
    Both times i have managed with TENS and gas and air and haven't needed stitches, so i reckon if you try hypnobirthing for real it would work, barring any problems with the baby of course. I just wouldn't want to pay out for a course only to end up with a c-section!
  9. Yeah, sounds about right! It is quite simple but it can be helpful to have techniques to deepen relaxation. I was terrified of birth and the course helped me relax and approach it with a positive attitude.
    Despite the section, I am glad I did it although my course was combined with antenatal stuff and only cost £75 as she was just starting up so a bargain. I do think it provided me with far more information than the NCT course I did, so I wouldn't do NCT AND hypnobirthing.
  10. Well I think it sounds good. I am seeing my midwife this week so I want to check it is more likely, due to health problems, that I will have a vaginal birth as opposed to a CS. If it is I will book. The lady who is closest to me (still over an hour away) seems nice and has filled me in on the information. Hubby is not convinced but I want to feel calm.
    Moomoon thanks for your comments. I am so scared. I watched a film last night with a birth scence and ended up haveing a massive panic and crying. Hubby thinks I'm mad, I think I'm just terrified. Hope it works.

    I'm reading the childbirth without fear book too. It shouldn't hurt so it won't hurt [​IMG]
  11. Hi serious like crazy. i know you are very frightened of giving birth. I don't think that is unusual. i just wanted to say i read that book and a great one called Active Birth by Janet Balaskis which was easier to read that the Grantly whatsit one.
    Anyway i had my baby 2 weeks ago and unfortunately during my third trimester baby was discovered to have some medical problems which in turn affected my health and my pregnancy became 'high risk'. Therefore during labour i HAD EVERY INTERVENTION UNDER THE SUN, NONE OF WHICH I WANTED. Ooops caps lock! I just wanted to say that the THOUGHT of every one of those interventions eg pessary, hormone drip, epidural, catheter, c section etc was so much worse than the reality. For example the consultant insisted i had an epidural as i was very highly likely to end up needing a section. I HATED the idea of an epidural but it didn't hurt at all and i would actually choose to have an epidural again in labour as it turned out to be so helpful. I'm a total needle wuss and I coped fine. You will too.
  12. Thank you ladymarm. The grantly whatsit book is very very heavy going. I am reading in small sections, often going back and re-reading.
    I am a total wuss but my friend had a c/s due to her baby being breech and she said it hurt less than a blood test.
    I just need to be brave really and get on with it :) Thanks again for your kind words
    I hope your little one is doing well. I've been trying to keep up with your progress.

  13. violingirl

    violingirl New commenter

    Just found out about Hypnobirthing courses in my area and they cost between £275 and £350!!! I am already booked on NCT, which actually clashes with HB. Torn between spending such a lot of money on something I'm not completely sure about and investing in a wonderful birth which will start my baby's life off in the best possible way.
  14. Eeek, decisions.... my NCT teacher wasn't very good and I learnt a lot more about birth from hypnobirthing...so I know which I preferred, especially since NCT was £270 anyway. Have you paid for the NCT. I did make some good friends on NCT but have made better friends since at various group and via netmums 'meet a mum'.

  15. violingirl

    violingirl New commenter

    Yes, paid for NCT. Don't think there are any refunds... Oh well!
  16. violingirl

    violingirl New commenter

    Was just looking back at my posts about Hypnobirthing....

    In the end we did do the NCT and it was one of the best things we have done. We have made brilliant friends and the group has been both informative and supportive.

    Did half of a Natal Hypnotherapy course only to find out I needed C section, so it was not particularly relevant, apart form the relaxation and positive mindset. Glad we didn't do a whole 5 week Hypnobirthing course now!

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