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Hypnobirthing - lives up to the hype?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ms media, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Just been reading a hypnobirthing book. Not really up for committing a couple of hundred quid for the course. Sounds all a little bit too good to be true - fast, pain free labour. Anyone tried it? Di d you really manage that level of mind control in the moment?
  2. I have not yet had baby 2 but finished hypnobirthing course this weekend and really looking forward to putting it to the test (I'm nearly 37 weeks so hopefully it won't be too long now until we meet bump!).
    I was convinced to do the course by enough positive feedback and also by the fact that I figured that some of the breathing and relaxation techniques would be useful in life anyway - I am not great at relaxing so all practice, help etc in that department is useful to me.
    With LO1 I read up on it and had a CD. However I think that it was not enough - didn't involve my husband that much, didn't really 'get' the state of mind needed, didn't practice enough and mainly just sometimes fell asleep listening to the CD. I think I just sort of felt it'd be useful and perhaps happen by dint of thinking it sounded logical - whereas actually you do need to invest a lot of time and practice.
    The benefits of the course in my opinion have been
    1) Massively more involvement for OH, he's now convinced, on board and feels ready and that he has a role and is looking forward more to this time. Felt like a spare part last time and had no strategies to help me relax when I started to freak out (in challenging circumstances with special circumstances).
    2) Feel like I've had the techniques demonstrated and given support in getting them right and breathing practice
    3) Enjoyed the comraderie of the other 3 couples on the course and looking forward to sharing our experiences later.
    4) Feel like I've really invested - time, money and jumping on board with it (which is essential - doesn't seem like something you can do effectively in a half a*sed way). Means that the 'homework' is taken seriously by me and OH and we do it, and do it together. I find it easier and easier to get 'in the zone' and breathing better. Obviously in the face of labour it'll be harder to maintain but practice can't hurt ;o)
    5) Feel more educated and more confident to create an environment around the whole birth that will enhance chances of it going naturally and smoothly.
    For me it is not about making sure it is 'painless and fully natural' but that I feel calm and more in control of my emotions, no matter what is going on.
    Sorry for long ramble! I may be able to tell you whether it 'works' or not for me within a month or so!
  3. Hi,
    I hope this doesn't come across as too negative as everyone is different and responds to hypnotherapy differently. However, I did the hypnobirthing course, gave birth to my LO 10 weeks ago. The hypnobirthing really helped to take away my fear leading up to the birth but I had to have caesarean so can't comment on personal experience of the benefits during labour.

    I have kept in close contact with friends I made on the course and I'm sorry to say it didn't work for any of them. We do joke that we made some expensive friends out of it!

    Like I said I'm sure it works for some people but the biggest thing I have witnessed is how it can make you feel after you have given birth. I felt like a failure because I had a caesarean, 2 of my friends were the same because they had to have epidurals even though they had no choice. There is enough guilt involved in motherhood without this adding to it!

    My advice would be to use it to help you feel calm and relaxed, all my midwives said that it helps people here but don't expect a pain free birth and don't beat yourself up if you need pain relief!

  4. I completely agree - because the whole way it works is in conditioning yourself to believe it will happen etc (planning for success, really) it inevitably can set up failure, too. That's why for me it needed to be relaxation and bonding with my partner and giving myself some tools... pain free, quick and completely straightforward are not guarantees that can be made (although I'm up for it if it happens like that [​IMG]) - it is about each baby and mother and situation interacting. There are other aspects to it that are like this, too - I had an issue with the idea that I am doing lifelong harm to my baby if I get p*ssed off during pregnancy ?!! Nothing like feeling guilty if you get cross when you're fat, tired, sore and exhausted!
    So a pinch of salt is needed, but I can't help but think that the relaxation and confidence I'm feeling that I'll cope better (with whatever happens) than in 1st labour is worth a lot. Also feel it'll help OH - it was tough for him first time round and he is feeling positive about the course and glad we did it (and he was VERY sceptical beforehand!!).
  5. Childbirth used to be dangerous because of unsanitary hospital conditions. Childbirth is a NORMAL, NATURAL part of the life, process. and every woman's priviledge,..HypnoBirthing 's mission is to support women in their choice to have the calm, safe and satisfying birth they want.
    And it WORKS!!!!!!!
  6. Muttley_in_the_Midlands

    Muttley_in_the_Midlands New commenter

    You sound like you have a great attitude. Experiencing contractions as tightenings, movement and pressure all helps instead of calling it "pain." In the second stage when you are ready to push your baby out, you will feel the pressure and it's then that you will feel surges because it really does feel like that - a big muscular surge, not a pain. It's an amazing, powerful feeling.
    Hope you enjoy your birth experience [​IMG]

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