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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by cococherry, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Can anyone help, am so confused.
    Been diagnosed with hg since 7 weeks, it really has been the lowest time of my life. Feel so cross and angry, this baby was very much planned and wanted and yet this illness has left me feeling selfish. Have felt so Ill, constant nausea and vomiting upto 30 times a day, unable to even get out of bed most days, not able to keep fluids or food down. I am taking a cocktail of drugs and am starting to feel slightly better BUT am so worried as I have my 12 week scan tomorrow and don't feel anything- not love, excitement, worry- nothing! What's wrong with me? Will I love m baby when it arrives? Feel so guilty, all I've wanted is a baby and since getting ill I don't feel anything.
    Sorry for the self indulgent post, I just needed to offload how I was feeling. Would live to hear from other hg survivors!
    Coco x
  2. I had HG (although not to the degree it sounds like you do - I feel for you) and I felt similar. I knew in my head I was happy to be PG but couldn't really FEEL it. People kept saying 'oh this is a happy time, be happy!' and I wanted to throttle them as the condition leaves you so physically and emotionally exhausted it's impossible to feel really happy, I reckon.
    It is fine to feel how you feel, but over time it'll get easier - once you have had a scan, once you've got a bump, once you feel kicks.... at the moment all you feel is rough!!
    You'll get through it. It's hard, but days and weeks will pass and you'll get through it.
    It is worth it, even through all the hard bits... read the 'what is great about being a mum' type thread in the baby and toddler forum to remind yourself of what is to come. And DON'T beat yourself up.........
  3. Big hugs. I suffered badly from HG, right from the day my period was late. After many failed trips to the drs, I was finally prescribed some anti-sickness drugs. They helped but some days I still felt like death. Eventually I saw a sympathetic Dr and she recommended acupuncture. I was very sceptical but I found it helped tremendously. I am a big needle-phobe and always thought acupuncture was a 'hippy, new-age' thing but it was the best thing for my sickness.
  4. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    You poor thing. I suffered terribly too and you just have to go with it for your own sanity ie don't feel guilty about staying in bed all day. I HATED pregnancy. I LOVE being a mother. I found it very easy to separate the two. When LO was 6 weeks old I told my hubby I wanted another one despite saying I could never go through it again. It's all totally worth it (although I looked at people strangely when they told me that). Good luck, rest well and look after yourself. PM LO 11 weeks 1 day
  5. Ah yes a friend of mine has severe HG at the moment and she's found 'permanent acupuncture needles' have been incredibly helpful. I will be looking into it next pregnancy if I'm so sick again!
  6. Nothing is wrong with you! HG is unbelievably wearing on your life and body. Any feelings you have right now will be going into just surviving. Yes you will love your baby but know this; good relationships and true love for another person are built up over time. One thing that no-one told me was you just might not have that 'instant' moment of utter love for your baby. For some people, it builds very slowly over time, starting in pregnancy (like someone else said this starts to happen often when your bump starts to grow, you feel more human again & you feel baby move), and continues to grow after baby is born and over the first few months. I beat myself up at first because I didn't feel that over-whelming love. (I was just over-whelmed with my life having been turned upside down & not having had much sleep :)) I feel it now though very much! Hope you feel better soon x

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