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HWK for future A2 Spanish class

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Blanca1, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Blanca1

    Blanca1 New commenter

    Could I please ask for some ideas for my future A2 Spanish class, to do over the summer? They have started the A2 course (AQA, The Environment), but it doesn't have to be related. Initially I thought about asking them to do an electronic magazine, that I could then distribute during the year to the class. They would have to collect interesting/ relevant materials and devize a learning activity for each. What do you think?
    Any other ideas?

    Thanks, Blanca.
  2. Some random ideas;
    1. If they are going to a Spanish speaking country on holiday try to speak Spanish, watch the tele, go to the cinema, read newspaper/magazines and best of all find a Spanish speaking boy/girl friend.
    2. Watch Spanish TV on the Internet. The TVE site is as good as iplayer.
    3. Read an article online everyday in Spanish.
    4. Read books about Spain in English. e.g. The Spaniards, Late for Dinner, When I walked out one Summer Morning Laurie Lee, Homage to Catalonia, South from Granada, A Rose in Winter and loads more.
    I would want my students to have a real feel for Spain (or relevant country). Expand their minds!
  3. mpc


    I would also point them in the direction of www.asisehace.net :)

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