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Hurray! I've finished exam marking

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jesuisfou, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Yippeee! It's all over!
    I just had to share that!
    Normal life will resume [​IMG]
    C x
  2. Congratulations! I feel your joy! [​IMG]

    I finished mine on Wednesday (and a bit late too!) and was over joyed with it. I posted them and then went home and to bed. 7.30 pm seemed about right for all of the lack of sleep which the marking had brought me.
  3. I finished mine a day early, and sent them back two weeks tomorrow, so there.
    I kind of enjoy doing it after a while
  4. Finished mine yesterday - 4 days before deadline, normally I'm a week late!

    What are spending the money on?
  5. My money will go towards a little car for my daughter who has just got a first in pharmacy and will need one for when she starts working.
  6. I'm still staggering through the end of the moderation process. As a team leader, I've got to check reports and write them. Currently running just over a week late. Only have 100 reports for centres to check and approve! (Oh, I've already checked another 100 for the other unit of coursework!)
  7. I have vowed this is my last ever year - English marking is a killer!
    My money gets spent on car insurance, tax and a service. Boring but essential. [​IMG]
  8. I've just registered my interest with Edexcel for next year, after my PGCE. AQA want 3 terms teaching experience, so that's them ruled out. Just to fill the gap before my first salary (presuming I get a post right away!)
  9. Holiday fund for mine. Managed a week in Zante for the two of us and then we'll get two weeks somewhere in September.

    I much prefer online marking to having the physical scripts taking over the house and the palaver of packing them up for the courier. It also means Mrs Dekka isn't having to script check either.
  10. I've virtually finished as a team leader on one paper, but only just started marking my second paper online yesterday. I spend some on a holiday just for me, some on my car insurance and the rest on mundane family stuff!
  11. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    I've completed four big contracts since May 5th. (All English "Language" type things.)
    Do still have ten days' work at Mark Review later this month.
    Needless to say, I don't have a proper job!
  12. star_bright

    star_bright New commenter

    Still slogging on with mine :(
  13. two weeks of A2 papers still to go :(
  14. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    69% done, apparently.
  15. disconic

    disconic New commenter

    I recieved my monies from AQA really early and have spent it all on a nice shiny new bike.
    Now I just have to wait for the summer hols and off I go to find some hills to cycle up. It had better not rain!
  16. Congratulations to us all!
    And to those of you who are still marking, keep going, nearly there.......

    Has anyone else marked online? I have for history and found it easier.
  17. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    Yes. I found it really frustrating at first, but seem to have got into the swing of it, and am actually just as quick as on paper. I even managed a day marking in the garden yesterday, which I didn't think I would (shame about the sunburn!)
  18. bizent

    bizent Lead commenter

    Sick of it - I want THE CASH!!!
  19. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I gave up exam marking a few years back. Do I miss it? No. Do I miss the cash. Yes, but not as much as I don't miss the marking!
  20. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Marking online - if you're marking on computer screen, then you really need to be marking short answers (easy to see without scrolling) with few diffferent kinds of annotation in order to feel the benefit of no paper. That's how I see it, anyway. I have done it a couple of times.
    Suppose you do six different kinds of annotation. With your red pen, you can do them all without putting your pen down. Marking on the screen, it'll be like having six "stamps" to keep picking up, putting down on the answer, putting back where they came from and so on.

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