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Hungarian Y6 student - just arrived in UK

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by pulsey, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. I have just last week admitted a Y6 child from Hungary who speaks VERY little english. Does the child have to take SAT's? I have read the Assessment and reporting arrangements from cover to cover but I am still unclear. It says "children who cannot communicate in english must not take the english tests" - that is clear enough - I enter a "B" for her. It is the maths that I can't work out - "If a school does not have enough time before the tests to establish a child's level (How much time is not enough????? I have heard variations from 1 term to 2 years!!!). Bearing in mind I am having trouble finding a Hungarian speaker to help translate stuff to establish her level - is this "T"?
    Section 5.4 says I must arrange for the test to be traslated "at the time of the test" Where do I find someone to translate a maths paper who understands about not helping the child (and where in my budget allows for this?????).
    We are a small village school and, in my first headship here, have not come across this problem before. Are there any city schools out there who deal with this on a regular basis can give me some advice???
  2. If the child cannot access the test, just enter the B code. Is this the first school they have attended in the UK? Because if it is you can remove them from you figures in September. You need the actual date they arrived in the UK. This information is usually on the website along with the helpline number and the people there are very helpful. It is a fairly process so don't worry.
  3. Yes this is their first school in the UK - they arrived in the country the week before February half term. Which website are you referring to - the NCA or the Dfe? Thank you for replying :)
  4. I have got the number of a hungarian speaking worker at the NHS so will try to get them in - thanks everyone
  5. Hi,

    I have just read about your problem that might have been sorted since.
    I am Katalin an English-Hungarian teacher, and I know both the Hungarian and the U.K. curriculum well, as I have lived and taught in both countries in both languages. My children have attended schools in both countries too. If you think you could find me a place in your school as an EAL. EFL or Hungarian teacher, please do not hesitate to contact me: katalinbm@gmail.com. I am a qualified B.A. teacher.
  6. Thank you for your offer - the child joined us in year 6 and has now moved onto secondary school.

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