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Humanities Subject Uptake

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by big feet, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. big feet

    big feet New commenter

    Thanks so much.

    Great advice : )
  2. I teach maths, but a friend in a similar position did two things - improved T&L in KS3 and started organising trips. Being taught by people who obviously love their subject is probably the most inspiring thing to anyone, teenagers included.
  3. I'm a HoD for RS in a school which has a very successful uptake at GCSE for both RS and Geog, beating most other subject options.
    For RS, we have passionate teachers, a very interesting Year 9 course which puts the emphasis on the student and their own thinking plus a GCSE course that is based on contemporary issues. Most students would rather debate abortion; capital punishment and animal rights rather than the life of Jesus / Buddha or the relevance of Mark's Gospel etc. Make the course relevant to them and their lives - use films; tv clips from Hollyoaks; Eastenders etc; lyrics from pop songs. We have a massive presence on the VLE with lots of games and activities which they enjoy completing.
    The Geog department asked students which spec they wanted to follow when the new changes were coming in. This really gave them ownership of the course (and made a lot of work for the dept as it was a brand new course & exam board which was picked) and the promotional materials during options evening contains the 'as chosen by the students' slogan across it. Again, students picked the most relevant course to them and where we live along with some of the most passionate and creative teachers around.
    Hope this helps,

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