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Discussion in 'Personal' started by kenners7, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Big hug coming your way Kenners.
  2. Andy_91

    Andy_91 New commenter



  3. Kenners - well done! I hope the rest of your day goes well too, be proud of yourself.
    I'm ok but I'm quite tired today, so I'm going swimming in a minute to try and wake my body up!!
    Hang on in there..... :)
  4. Actually I need a massage more than a hug, any volunteers? Got aching back and neck and falling asleep, anyway big hug to all especially the one who volunteers to do my back!!
  5. Well i survived but am now very tired and very low,as always am in need of hugs!
    Zahra,how about an exchange of massages?
    Nollie-how was the swim?
    Happyflower-u ok?
    Everyone else for their support-HUGS!
    Sometimes feel you guys are the only ones i can count on,few work colleagues have become a bit off with me(most have been great).
    Hope to hear from you soon.
  6. Hugs to all :eek:)
  7. Pretty good with the feet and backs, also do a nifty Shiatsu, but I am a qualified reiki 2 healer, so I'll just dig away, OK?
  8. OK,but i've no idea what those are,sorry for being an ignoramus!
    HUGS to all:)
  9. Not going in today,just couldn't do it!
    I'm sorry.
  10. I'm already in, easy drive today as not much traffic, still 40 miles though!!

    Hugs all round
  11. one step at a time kenners - and remind yourself how well you've done so far.
  12. Yup Kenners - still here, still ok..
    Zahra - have a massage: mmm, that better?
    Kenners - one step at a time.. slowly, patiently, be kind to yourself....
    HUUUUUUge HUUUUUUUgs to all who need them - I have plenty to go around.
    Get through the day Kenners and there's a super-hug waiting..
  13. Kenners - glad you're putting yourself first today. Enjoy the sunshine, if you've got it where you are. It's glorious here in North Somerset.
    I enjoyed my swim, it invigorated me, but knackered me too.
    I've got counselling this morning, so I shall probably sleep this afternoon.
    Happyflower - thanks again for what you said. I will beat this sodding AN!

    Hugs to everyong - it's FRIDAY !!!!
    :)% - a smile with a hug (%=arms crossed around body!)
  14. Thanks all.Will do my best to get through the day just for that super hug from happyflower.
    Am trying to give myself time just finding it hard and frustrating:(
  15. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Stay strong kenners HUUUUG x
  16. Trying to stay strong,its not easy.Thanks for all the ongoing support,at least i know you're there!
  17. Hug, cos I'm all alone , well except for the dogs!!
  18. Me too,only no dogs!
  19. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Hugs to all, with Squeeze Factor Nine.

    A special hug for Annie - for some reason she sometimes brings out the prig in me but I'd love to work in the same school as her.

    [raises glass of Siwucha]

  20. Happyflower-any chance of that super hug?Starting to feel low and lonely again.
    Thanks x

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