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Discussion in 'Personal' started by kenners7, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. ((((((((((hugs all))))))))))))
  2. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    hugs to all

    sorry not being here for ages

    lifes been a bit of a rollercoaster over the past two months

    hope everyone is ok

    *off to boil kettle*
  3. *smells coffee and rushes in*

  4. (((hugs for everyone)))

    I really need a hug too.

    Am on placement and feel so stressed out. Have been away from uni all year due to personal problems, and am now repeating a placement in order to be able to go back to uni in Sept.

    I feel so rusty, and I just can't seem to do my planning at all.

    I am also having lots of family problems right now.

    Am in tears most of the time. Sorry if I sound irritating/pathetic.

  5. (((((((Leidi))))))))))
  6. Thanks Mixu.

    Much appreciated!
  7. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    hellllooo mixu

    not seen you in ages

    are you ok ?

    :) ((((mixu)))))
  8. You are welcome Leidi ... are you primary?

    Hi Skier ... I am fine how are you?
  9. ((((((((((leidi)))))))))
    Sorry you're feeling so stressed at the moment. Hope things pick up for you soon.

    What page did you have to delve to before you found this thread?!!!!

    Long time, no speak you two. How are you both?

    I'm off work ill today (recurrence of my tonsilitis, I fear, so heading to the doctor later.

    Have other good news though - been linked with 2 children!!!!!
  10. Wow Merry that is excellent news! Fingers well and truly crossed for you!

    ((((((((((Merry, Leidi, Skier and bbann)))))
  11. ((((((((((mixu))))))))))
    Thanks! Wish I was feeling better to take full advantage of th excitement!

    Still, I'll crack on with my reports and the good news will stil be there once I've done those and am feeling better. Hope to be Mummy and Daddy in August!!!!!!
  12. Wow that is not far away Merry ... and so exciting!
  13. This thread's not getting a lot of use at the moment!! Does that mean we're all OK, or too busy or bad to have time to post????

  14. If on Merry!

    ((((((((((everyone needing a hug)))))
  15. ??? Struggling to make that one make sense!!! If only?????

  16. Sorry Merry it is 'if only'
  17. How are you mixu?

    Less than 4 weeks to go!!!!!

    Everything is very exciting here, but still not set in stone. Hoping to get to that stage mid-July.

    I have turned down the only job I got offered for September, so it had better happen ;-)
  18. How fantastic for your family Merry!

  19. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    ((((((everyone ))))

    not been on TES for ages so thought I would come and say HI

  20. Hi Skier!

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