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Discussion in 'Personal' started by kenners7, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Just wanted to let you know that the inspection went well...very well...:)
  2. Brilliant news GG! Well done :¬)


    ((((((((((((anyone else needing weekend hugs)))))))))
  3. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter


    everyone needing a hug
    ((((( barbarann )))))
    (((( phoenixchild ))))

  4. (((((((((((GG)))))))))))
    Glad your inspection went well. Ours did too!

  5. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter


    nice to see you, is all ok ?

    hope you are having a good long weekend

    I have been ill and have had to cancel plans .. but hey ho !

  6. (((((((((skier))))))))))

    Sorry you're not well. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Things have been rather difficult here for a while (it's taken a month really to get to grips with tha bad news we had at the beginning of April) but are on the up again now and ready to move forwards. I'm feeling close to back to normal, just totally shattered!

    have a majoy May Day thing at school today, so I'm just getting a bit of planning done before I need to go.

    have a lesson ovservation next week and then a job interview the week after, so have that to sort out too. At least OFSTED is now completelt over!

  7. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter


    you sound so busy

    I hope your job interview goes well and that you are successful.

    I was going to apply to a couple and then realised it would not work out in terms of personal life, our plans with OH and to be honest would they have been dream schools I would have had given it a go .... but not worth upsetting the whole thing

    So I will stay on for a bit

    This weekend has been more about me and OH planning time away in France in the summer as I need to go ad visit my family, I am missing my uncle and my lil bro a lot.

    The OH has just called, he left this morning because he is demolishing his kitchen, went to B&Q and ended up buying new stuff ( oven ) He is so xcited ! who would have thought a man like him would get excited about buying new appliances but hey !

    I hope to read you soon with some good news. Wish you all the best !
    Hope the bad news from early april also turns into a nice dream/reality I am sure it will.

    thinking of you ((((((Merry))))))
    ((((((everyone ))))))))
  8. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    I don't know why I typed the OH. sounds odd ! I meant my OH.... rather !

    hes been so lovely as well to me this weekend whilst I have been poorly !

    sorry about that ! *blushes*
  9. I didn't read anything into it, skier!

    Just got back from May Day stuff and the sun actually came out! It was cold and wet when I got there, but by the time I'd done my stint in the kitchen, it was warm and the sun was out.

    Now need to crack on and get the rest of my planning done :)
  10. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter


    planning done yet ?

    It is definitely gorgeous here and I am getting the summer clothes out of the dawer to give them a wash and get them ready !

    hope it lasts now or am I going to make it rain ?
    hope not !

  11. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    out of the *drawer* even !

  12. Still working my way through my Numeracy planning. I find it really frustrating to be teaching a class that I haven't taught all year. I keep planning work for them and then when I ask them to do it they say 'We've done that page before'!! I keep having to find things to photocopy when they've done the bits I wanted from the texbook. Could be worse!!

    We've just moved out of our bedroom into a spare bedroom as we're having our ensuite completely ripped out and re done. Plumber should be starting sometime this week. Yipee!!
  13. Hello, JennyD!

    House is going really really well thanks. Loving the space, the garden and the amazing view!

    Cat is in his element...finally getting outside!

    House things with you? Any hope at all???

  14. Ahaaa! I wondered what you meant when you said you'd comment on 'hugs'. I've never been on this thread before! No news, but I'm really pleased you have settled so well (((GG)))
  15. That was a Freudian slip there, did you spot it?

    I said House things with you? instead of How's things with you? Spooky.
  16. (((((((((((everyone)))))))))))))

    I went for an interview today and didn't get the job. It was full time, which isn't really what I want, but still :-((.

    Getting fed up of moving from one temporary job to another. Would really like some stability!!!

    Actually, of course I don't really want to be working at all, I want to be a Mum, but no signs of things progressing there, either.
  17. Sorry to hear you didn't get the job, merry.

    I'm sorry if you've said this before but I've been away from here for ages, have you been trying for a baby?


  18. (((((((((((GG)))))))))))))
    Thanks. Glad to see you back.

    We're adopting, or trying to. We're approved and are waiting to find the right children.

    I have another interview tomorrow and dropped in another application form today.
  19. Wow! Well done you. Fingers crossed for the adoption AND the applications.

    Not liking TES much just now but I pop into Hugs every now and then :)
  20. Didn't get the job today, but the longer I was there, the less I wanted it, so that's fine.


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