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Discussion in 'Personal' started by kenners7, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter


    nice to see everybody had a super day, hope mixu has sorted house yet ? ;)

    Did a bit this weekend, only a bit, only had to take junio to docs tonight as he is quite poorly and his school got worried.
    Anyone fancies giving my junior a hug ?? he is about to drink his milk with honey so at least he has smile on his face.

    Last bit of pm with year 11 was a lot better and they got more done.
    In the middle of asking me if I was attending their prom... course I am , I am also a form tutor in that group... will be sad to see my littlens go.

    Have a good night everybody !
    skier xxx

  2. Whose idea was it to clean out the garage, bring in the boxes and sort them out? Own up? Oh it was me!

    House sorting may take a while!!

    ((((((Skier, Merry and bbann)))))
  3. ((((((((((skier & junior skier)))))))))
    Hope he's feeling better.


    I'm shattered after another exhausting afternoon of PE. Inside again thanks to lots more rain. I was really looking forward to doing the outdoor stuff - it's just not the same in a very small hall!

  4. It certainly is not especially when the children know they should be outside.

    I have fedupitis with a capital FED! Not sure why but its there!

    ((((((((((Skier, Merry, bbann and anyone needing a hug))))))
  5. Hugs to all
  6. ((((((((((mixu))))))))))

    Not hanging around on here tonight. the place has gone mad! Speak to you all soon!
  7. Think I will join you Merry!
  8. Just a quick 'one post visit' I'm afraid. Miss you all and can't wait to get online properly again. It'll be two weeks or so I reckon. I am not a happy bunny and don't BT just know it!

    Lots of hugs from me in the mean time!
  9. (((((((((((GG)))))))))
  10. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    Hello mixu , merry GG and nice posters.

    Has this place gone mad ?
    I was on here on Monday night late to update my posts and really weird things seemed to be happening ! Anyway I do hope that it can come back to normal

    (((((((((mixu)))))))) I know the syndroms for fedupitis, it is not nice is it ? Starting speaking exams soon here soon and year 11 really stressing me out ! here s another hug for you hun ((((((mixu))))

    (((((((merry)))))) hug for you two. Hope you are still feeling good and positive.

    Thinking of you all.
    Have a cool day.

    speak soon.


    ps : off swimming tonight , at last something to look forward to !

  11. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    everyone ok ?

    ((((everyone)))) who needs a hug tonight x
  12. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter


    where is everyone ?

    Ok I hope !
    skier xx
  13. (((((((((((mixu)))))))))))

    It's the weekend!!!! It's generally good news when I'm not on here, as it means my o/h is around!

    Skier, things do go mad on here occasionally and it's better to just stay out of it! This thread is usually no problem, but personal in general was madness the other night! I was almost scared to post on this thread at that point, just in case it got dragged into the mess! Anyway, the best thing to do is have a laugh at the pettiness of some people and stay well out of it!!

    Hope you're all OK and looking forward to the weekend.
  14. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    ((((((((weekend hugs for all))))))))))xx
  15. ((((((((((PC))))))))))
  16. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    a quick post but a huge weekend hug for you lot.
    Missing folks on here but should be back as usual some time next week.

    Lots of love from Skier

  17. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    end of the day hugs to mixu,merry, GG, bbann, PC..

    how are we all today ?
    At least Monday is out of the way...
    yay !

    happy evening to you all

  18. Big weekend hugs (((((((((everyone)))))))))))) xx
  19. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    thanks barbarann


    everyone needing a sunday night hug

    wonder where mixus gone ??

    skier xx
  20. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

    Got broadband in last night!!! YIPPEEEEEEE!!!

    (Going through inspection at the moment!! HUGS!)

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