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Discussion in 'Personal' started by kenners7, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Great:( Just to cap things off i'm now single! Mixu (and indeed anyone else) any chance of that hug?
  2. (Kenners7)hugs
  3. Thank you!
  4. Kenners7 - you can certainly have a BIG hug from ME.
    (You weren't around this forum when I started the pass-the-hug-thread, were you? Lots of cyber hugs float around these pages, so always ask when you need one, people are always willing to share a hug with fellow posters).
  5. Well have just about got through today, still lots to sort out for tomorrow.Thanks again for all the hugs,still feel low but all your support is helping.
  6. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Great, you did it. Remember: "Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday, and all is well."

    Hug x
  7. Kenner - you know you do not have to ask for a hug!

    When I read the part about 'single' it worried me - you do just mean you are on your own out there? (Mind working overtime thinking your wife has......... NAH!)
  8. ILS-Thank you,like the quote.
    Mixu-girlfriend of three years called time on the relationship on sunday.
    As before thanks for support and especially hugs!
    Still low but one day at a time.
  9. Think you need a MEGA hug!!! (........)
  10. Mixu-mega hug appreciated but could do with another.
    Not such a good day today,feeling lonely and i know you're all there but you know what i mean.
    Feel like crawling into a ball and hiding but my class will be back from assembly soon,so its on with the show!
    Hope to hear from people soon.
  11. poor kenners - i too have beeb given heave-ho from my boyfriend - after 8 years - and 4 months before my 30th birthday!!
    Each day a struggle, each lesson a struggle - but here's a BIIIIG hug to help you through....
    At least we're not in Iraq eh!
  12. HUGS to anyone who wants/need one.....

    (I've just been at dieticians re my anorexia, and definitely needs hugs now!)

  13. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Happyflower and Kenners...huge hugs for you both. Life is horrible sometimes. I hope it gets better for you two.

    Nollie, I don't know enough about your illness to be able to wish you luck in your fight against food. That's not to say that I don't wish you well, though!

  14. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Woops -

    A HUGE hug for you, NollieXXX
  15. Nollie-big hugs to hope and i hope you get things sorted!

    Happyflower-i'm sorry,i know how it feels,before this relationship ended iwas in a previous one for 4years and got engaged before she decided to finish with me! Here is a huge hug just for you!

    Inky-big hug and thank you!

    Its not been a good day in terms of feelings,just been crying in the staffroom and don't feel that much better for it.
  17. Me, thanks Mixu, feeling very down today!!
  18. As you can see Zahra me too! So i would love to share a hug!

    Mixu,thank you!HUG!
  19. Receive and enjoy. You be well, cherished colleagues. Be loved. I'm sure that is what we, I, us all need to experience a little more.
  20. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Hugs all round. Please give me one back!

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