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Discussion in 'Personal' started by kenners7, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Hello,
    Any chance of a hug? Am having one of those days!
  2. Hello,
    Any chance of a hug? Am having one of those days!
  3. One big hug coming up - get ready......

    There you go
  4. Thank you:)
  5. I give you a hug if you give me one - please!
  6. Big hugs to everyone who knows me - and anyone who'd like to!

    After really suffering badly from depression (and probably a breakdown) for the past 6 months, I can say that I've finally come out of the end of the tunnel. It's been very dark in there, and often I've forgotten which way was in, and which way is out, but I just kept on walking, kept on trying - and suddenly this week it's like I've taken another single step and found myself in daylight!.
    There's still a rocky journey yet, but this feels SO GOOD compared to the last 6 months. WOW - so I wanted to share it with everyone.
    HUGS TO ALL :)
  7. Here's a freebie hug Mixu.

    Sco 8D
  8. Mixu-big hug for you,thank you for mine.

    Nollie-if you've seen 'feeling low' stream you'll see i'm suffering from depression too,have started a course of anti-d's but had a bad day today hence this stream.

    Havn't had a good hug in ages so really appreciate these!
  9. ps good for u nollie

  10. nollie - that's brilliant. One day at a time and when you're next down, remember you CAN feel good.

    kenenrs7 - I don't do hugging much, but I hope you feel better soon.
  11. Thank you for all the hugs I feel a lot better!

    Cyberhugs to all who need them - amazing what a hug can do to make you feel so much better.

    Mixu xx
  12. I agree Mixu! HUG.
    Got a feeling its going to be a long day and am nervous about going back to school tomorrow(see aforementioned stream).
    Thanks for the hugs.
  13. I know exactly how you feel Kenner. Life is like an emotional roller coaster at times and you wish someone would stop it and let you off.

    Hugs available whenever you need it on here!

    mixu xx
  14. I'm going bacxk tomorrow, I hope, after a few days off with head injury. Just hope head's not too painful to drive tomorrow!! Have a huge hug enerybody (............................)
  15. Enerybody? Suppose it means everybody and anybody together!!
  16. Thanks mixu,will take you up on the 'hugs whenever'.
    Hope tomorrow goes well Zahra.
  17. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Hugs to all x
  18. Where does the weekend go? Do we all sit here on a Sunday putting off the inevitable planning etc until the last moment? Would a hug make planning easier - lets see!

    ILS - big hug
    Zahra is it safe to hug you
    Kenner - whenever hug to you!
  19. just mind the back of my head Mixu, big hug to you and family. xx
  20. Am putting planning off due to nerves and feeling low but hugs are making it easier!Thank you!
    Zahra-careful hug!
    Anyone i've forgotten due to a mixed up mind-hug!
    Really appreciate everyones support.

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