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HR and Staff Wellbeing Ideas

Discussion in 'Independent' started by skeptucator, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. skeptucator

    skeptucator Occasional commenter

    Hi everyone... I work in a small independent school and am looking for some new or interesting ideas for implementing CPD, appraisal strategies and staff wellbeing programmes.

    Imagine you were starting with a pretty blank slate...

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    Love this contradictory phase that schools are in at the moment: looking for more or different things to promote staff wellbeing.

    How frequent is your CPD? If you're going down the weekly training route then you're onto a loser straight away.

    As for appraisal, just make it a straightforward process - set achievable targets related to what the teacher will actually do during the year and have no additional monitoring or evidencing outside of what is carried out in normal practice. In my view the cycle should start with a focused (<30 mins) target setting meeting in your week 1 INSET day and the process should be closed with the review meeting before the end of the summer term.

    The underlying principle should be recognition of the fact that staff do not need things to be dressed up, overthought or made frilly - they have 0 capacity for anything more than teaching / marking / pastoral so all "non-core" addons just need to be to the point - focused, concise and minimally time consuming.

    It saddens me to see independent schools beginning to adopt some of the madness which has made state such an unworkable environment. Take caution!

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