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HP Touchpad

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by NotJohnBrown, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Was out of the country during the firesale in August but bought one of these on EBay last week for £130.
    I'm dead impressed with the product and finally can see the advantages of a nice, well-specced tablet for trivial surfing - having Flash makes this so much better for this than my IPad.
    Anyone else get one / tried one?
  2. Can't believe I missed the whole deal surrounding these. I don't go on holiday all summer and I still miss out on such a bargain. Gutted! Even more gutted now it sounds like they're not half bad!
  3. robot1

    robot1 New commenter

    At £89 you couldn't go wrong. I tried to get hold of one of these on the same morning that they went on sale at this price. No stock anywhere. Some websites such as Misco were down altogether while others were very slow.
    HP must be kicking themselves as they would have sold out within a day at double this price. I checked Ebay but the prices are now much higher the the £130 mark. I guess I will have to wait for Amazon's tabet to come out.

  4. I like mine more, the more I use it.

    Even at £150-200 they are worth a go if you have the dosh.

    I'm writing this on my IPad 'cos 'er indoors is on the Touchpad; she couldn't stand the IPad.

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