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How would you feel about this?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Penguin1212, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hello ~
    Would like a couple of opinions about how you would feel about this....
    We have been told that probably there will be job losses in 2012-13, and the head has encouraged us all to look for new jobs, time to move on etc etc I feel it was quite harsh the manner in which it was expressed. In the future I would like to move on up to an AHT or DHT position, but I am not ready still much to learn. (A recent AHT interview highlighted this) The head has been sending us applications for various positions in and around the local area - some are getting them and some are not (making people feel a little 'bad'), then 4 of us got the same link to the same job - can you imagine if all 4 of us applied for the job? It is feeling so uncomfortable, feels like we are being pushed out. Its a constant cloud hanging over us, lucky we are friends and good colleagues but still feel 'yucky' for want of a better word. To spice things up a little bit without giving the whole game away and people guessing where I am from there are nepotism issues! Makes things EVEN MORE uncomfortable.
  2. I personally would feel sad and a bit upset about what you've described but I'd be looking for other work. Your head has been honest about job losses and would rather you found a job somewhere else than had to go through redundancies which is a horrible process and having 'made redundant' on your CV is not going to be a winner.
  3. We had the same situation in my last school. The LA encouraged the HT to regularly send out job applications to all staff and specific ones when appropriate. They knew that redundancies were on the way so it was to enable us to start looking elsewhere if we didn't want to go through the horrendous process!
    Try not to take it to heart too much.

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