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How would you construct a moon buggy? Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by blackspots, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Evening everyone,
    I'm looking for a bit of advice/ideas please. I want to make moon buggies with my Year 1 class next half term. I would love to hear of how you have constructed them/something similar, or ways you would go about it if you were.
    I want to keep them simple enough for the children to make themselves with support as needed, but do need them to move so that they can link in with our forces work. Up to now I am thinking of pre-prepared circular disks with a hole in the centre, which can be linked by dowels/straws.
    I'm searching the net but can't seem to come up with anything that will help.
  2. would this idea help?
    (when i did this tho, i found the balloon came off, so what i did was fix a clear polythene bag to the 'car' base and had the balloon within it, so that when the balloon was inflated it remained contained within the bag as it deflated.) I did it with Y3 and some adult support was needed, but i didn't cut out circles for them for the wheels and that was a problem as they didn't manage to cut the circles out smoothly and so they didn't roll very well.
  3. Have you looked at
    the roly-poly toy could be adapted to make a moving moon buggy ( alternatively there is one on the yr 5 page but that might be a little advanced!) Non-circular wheels would enable the vehicle to "move" across rocky ground-or at least look as if it is!.
  4. Two brilliant sites thankyou both very much...and a gold star each for such a quick response, I barely blinked!
  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I've just done moon buggys with my year 1 class. They modelled them on photos of real moon buggys.
    They started with a cardboard box turned inside out, then they used art straws and other bits of card to make seats, satellite dishes, lights etc. Everything was fastened with masking tape so it could all be painted.
    Under the box the children used masking tape to stick plastic straws, then with adult guidance they cut lengths of dowel to slide through the straws. On the end of the dowel they put cotton reels as wheels. Some held them in place with blu tac and some used elastic bands.
    Because we used cardboard and masking tape the children were able to do everything themselves and they ended up looking great. They decided not to paint them in the end because the moon buggy's they'd seen were white.

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