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How was your year on supply?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by anon3057, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. I had a long term contract teaching MFL at a fabulous school..
    But am now looking for another type of work..Do not want be teaching when I am 65+ and have had enough of supply!
    How was your year? The highs and the lows? Plenty of work? Work scarce? Supply drying up or not?
    How was it for you?
  2. I had a long term contract teaching MFL at a fabulous school..
    But am now looking for another type of work..Do not want be teaching when I am 65+ and have had enough of supply!
    How was your year? The highs and the lows? Plenty of work? Work scarce? Supply drying up or not?
    How was it for you?
  3. For me it's been an interesting year. It was my first year of supply after 35 years teaching. I had no shortage of work once I got started. The first half term I di day to day supply then I had a couple of 2 week placements, one of these then continued and I did a full term up to Easter there. I really enjoyed it. Then I had another one term placement in a school in Special Measures that I did not enjoy at all but stuck it out. The main problem with both placements was that I really resented being paid so little when I was doing everything the other teachers were doing. Now I have taken my pension early so will not have to work full time again. I will go back to doing casual supply and then I won't mind the low pay so much because I'll only be teaching and marking, not attending meetings, doing planning, parents' evenings etc. I just hope I still get enough work. I want to average 3 days a week.
  4. From May 2010 to date, I have had only 6 days, and this is for maths and science in London, and only 4 of these were eventually paid. This is the fruit of joining over 2 dozen agencies.
  5. This was my first year of teaching following conclusion of the PGCE. Did a whole term of day to day in a range of schools with behavioural problems and had a shocking time. Then got a recurring long term placement from January until the end of the year part time while still continuing supply. I started to see improvements in my classroom management and my confidence, and while I felt a bit battered and bruised by the end, I definitely think it was a good experience.
    I averaged 3 1/2 days per week and am in the north west.
  6. I've completed two years on supply after leaving a permanent position to pursue other interests. I've always had enough work for me (probably averaged about 3 days a week) and have never regretted my career choice. This past year there have been quiet times, usually after periods when I've either been in longer-term posts or have been out of teaching altogether for a while, but things soon picked up again. It helps that I have a good network of teaching contacts, so get quite a bit of direct work with schools - this works nicely in combination with work from one agency. >pp
  7. Sorry, was trying to edit then everything disappeared! Was going to say, I realise I am lucky and many others are struggling. It helps that I live in an urban area and can cover a large area across 4 LEAs.
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Much better as I had 2 longer term placement each for half a term. However in between work not great.
    High: Being able to have classes of my own, be able to plan for their needs and see progress. Low: Waiting by the phone for that non-forthcoming phone call!
    Well last year I expect to be the exception, although with re-organisation who knows people may suddenly go off sick?

  9. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    In my mind my year begins in March when I started supply work, but in terms of the standard Sept-July school year it's been pretty good so far. I didn't do much in Sept but then the work started coming in steadily. I picked up the the last four weeks of a maternity cover where the previous supply teacher had bailed out, then off the back of that got a full maternity cover in the same school, where I get quite a bit of daily work. That started just before Easter and runs until early October, so it covers the July & Sept supply drought months which is handy. Provided I continue to average three days a week between October and March I should be OK - I might even put some savings away. If it's obviously drying up before March then I'll have to give some serious thoughts to alternatives.

    Highs? After a few weeks' long term cover I've had kids commenting that I'm not like a supply teacher. Lows? The usual tedious sh*te you get when some kids treat you like you've never taught a lesson before in your life.
  10. Pretty dreadful September through to November... then circumstances in December and January meant I was without transportation and only doing pre-booked stuff. Picked up pretty sharpish once I got a car again and I was really really busy toward the end of July which did surprise me. One agency fell right off in usefulness but my other one really came through with the work.
  11. In Scotland, schools just went back this week. Primary School teacher. Last year on short p/t contracts and on supply, mostly busy but some periods work could be scarce especially around the Easter period holidays which seemed to drag on for about a month.
    Up here there is probably going to be less supply as probationer teachers will be having more class time and all the LEAs are cutting back:getting rid of specialist teachers for expressive arts, forcing deputes and heads back into the classrooms to cover teacher absences, limits on supply teacher pay and a push to limit teacher McCrone time (time out of class during the week for marking and preparation). Up here there are no agencies, all supply must go through the council supply desk or contact comes direct from the school. We are not allowed to contact schools directly in my LEA - risk of being 'black listed' if you do.
    This is my third day in a row with no work. I don't know how I'm going to pay my rent next month. Just checked the Scottish Councils job website: there are only 5 Primary teaching jobs within 1.5 hour one way commute of my home. I'm hoping things pick up next week (they did last year). Now, lets apply for one of those jobs.... wish me luck........
  12. I averaged one day a week until I took ill in February, chest infection started off a virus which attacked my heart, leading to heart failure. Not taught since February. Maybe able to return next year, if any work is out there.

    Not the best of years
  13. I'm with 4 agencies and 3 are pretty good. In Kent since xmas I've not been without work..but I'm willing to travel up to 30 miles and I've found agencies are prepared to offer me closer stuff when it becomes free.
    Been asked whether I'm interested in full-time at a school I had one days suppy..they 'liked me'..but school is a mess and has been in SM...could go in to try and make a difference..but then I think about why I left full time...you know the story?

    Any thoughts?
  14. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    If the school is in SM there is a strong chance that Ofsted will be paying a visit whilst you are there. Another hassle you need to consider.
  15. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    I've had a very good year, which was great considering i was all up for packing teaching in last summer following a really shyte year as a perm teacher. I did a year of longterm supply at a good school, it did have it's moments though. This is the first time for me when I've been on supply and not known whats going to happen this close to September, I'm just hoping that work comes in quickly as I'd really like to be able to pay my bills and do the OU study i've not long signed up to do!
  16. If any school, in sm or not, offered me full time I would take thier arm off. Who cares about OFSTED??? bunch of people doing it so they don't have to spend half their time in a classroom anyway.
  17. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I had a terrible year until the end of June, when I suddenly had 2 schools booking me regularly until almost the end of term. prior to that I managed just over 20 days, made up of lots of 2 and 3 hour bookings.
    I've been contacted today and have most of September booked!
  18. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    congratulations jubilee, that's great news.
  19. I started supply teaching in London 1st march and taught every day since. I picked up a long term position for the summer term so that helped although it was a lot of work reining in a difficult class. nothing for the beginning this year yet but I have a maternity cover position starting mid october.

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