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How to work with a student that hates you

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by TrevelyanInq, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. TrevelyanInq

    TrevelyanInq New commenter

    There’s a student who hates reading out loud- I’ve mentioned him on a previous post.
    Unfortunately, he has a session with me in which he is expected to read aloud just like the other six students.
    A teacher covered my session last week and he read two passages and did a great job.
    This week, back with me, he flat out refused to do anything I asked him and ended up with behaviour points and a detention.
    There’s more to it (refusing to do any work in numeracy sessions as well as literacy, telling parents and teachers lies about me, being insolent towards me etc) but basically, where do I go from here? I am really concerned he will not progress with me at this rate but I also feel that he has to follow the expectations of any member of staff regardless of whether he likes them or not... do I pass the buck to someone else? Or do I show him I won’t give up on him, regardless of his personal feelings?
    I am trying to be very cautious as I know this will be impacting my ego but I genuinely want to do what’s right for the student...
  2. moscowbore

    moscowbore Lead commenter

    Try having a quiet chat. Make clear that you are there to help. Sometimes this works.
    Only you can decide if going through the school disciplinary procedure is going to help. This may further alienate a fragile student.
    Have a chat with your line manager, another perspective may help to produce other possible strategies.
    In my experience, many defensive, belligerent students are just trying to deal with their own perceived weaknesses by using bad behaviour. Try to see through this, do not let your ego get in the way. You are the adult here.

    I wish you luck. It can be tough.
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  3. TrevelyanInq

    TrevelyanInq New commenter

    Yes, I am/ will do my best! Thank you very much for reminding me that bad behaviour is just another form of communication


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