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how to work out grades for AQA Food Technology 45451 written exam paper

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by pineapplebun, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me, I'm looking through the AQA Food Technology 45451 written exam paper
    that was set Wednesday 23 June 2010. The paper is marked out

    of 120.

    I have the scaled mark unit grade boundaries sheet, could anyone clarify whether the marks are as they are or
    percentages. For example to get a C the scaled mark grade
    boundary is 51, therefore in the written paper students
    will need to achieve 51 marks out of 120 to get a C grade?

    or does the student have to achieve 51% to achieve a C

  2. Hi,
    I had set that exam as my mock. The grade boundaries are as follows.

    A – 76
    B – 63
    C – 51
    D – 42
    E - 33
    F – 24
    G - 15

    I rang then up.

    Hope this is ok
  3. Unbelievably I believe these are the raw marks (ie 51/120 = C)

    They were similarly low for the rest of the D&T suite.
    I too used the summer paper for the mock in Dec but I issued the students with their results and corresponding grades with an extreme warning that these low boundaries were due to it being the first time the exam has been sat and would probably not be the case come this summer.......

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