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How to tell parents homework is required?? Help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by looloo38, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. looloo38

    looloo38 New commenter

    Hi all

    I have parents evening soon and i need some advice on how to tell a parent something. I have a child in my year 2 class who never does their homework and it is beginning to frustrate me. The strict part of me thinks this homework could be done without the parents therefore i should punish him as such but then the kind hearted part of me feels sorry for him as his parents never help and so its not his fault?? I don't know how best to approach this. The rest of my children bring some fantastic work and its not fair on them that this child gets away with it every week. I plan very creative homework which results in some amazing work but it saddens me to see the same child every week without rewards etc. I want to tell his parents but how do i say it without offending them? I have had bad comments from them before saying its too much. Please help.

  2. We set maths homework on a friday to be handed in on Monday. I have 2 children who I know do not get home support, so on a Monday morning if they have not done their homework they sit with my TA for 10 minutes to do it together.
    On a personal note, I hate sending homework for Year 1 children. But, I have to follow the school policy.[​IMG]
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Why give them a weekend? Parents are busy at the weekend, they might be out, children have parties, clothes to get, families have shopping and the children are tired. Give them a week. Please remember they are 5!!!
  4. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Yes, whatever it is, I appreciate a week for completion. My children are little, and love to play, see their friends, go swimming etc.
    Also, if the homework does not speak for itself (e.g. a maths homework where it is not clear what or how the children have been taught in class and you don't want to create confusion) being required to hand it in the next day or at the end of the weekend is not helpful. There isn't time to seek clarification.
    Spelling lists for tests with insufficient number of nights to reinforce the spellings seem pointless too - we used to get three weekday evenings. It's sufficient notice to cram it for the test. but not sufficient repetition for long term memory, so why bother? This really annoyed me as I would rather my daughter had the extra time to play instead, or read with me, than cram for a pointless test.
  5. In my year 1 class, we set spelling/ handwriting practise on a Weds and ask for it to come back on a Mon, giving me enough time to mark it before the folders get sent out again.
    I agree with the comments about the lack of HW not being the child's fault, and that it's best to ask the parents of this child about it, as a gentle reminder, and also ask if they need any help or support with the HW. Sometimes the issue is poor literacy/ numeracy skills of the parents ... as well as time pressures, and the view some parents hold that it's not their responsibility, or that they just simply don't agree with their child doing HW.
  6. Perhaps you should simply reward the children who have completed their homework with the usual reward system (be that points or stickers or whatever). May be a bit of an incentive.

    As a parent however I HATE the fact that my year 2 child has homework. I much prefer to spend our time together learning through life experience. Counting money and shopping at the shops, weighing ingredients for baking cakes, writing cards for various family birthdays, playing board games..... why does it have to be a worksheet that has been photocopied from a book and is more often than not marked by the TA.
  7. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    Yes I really would just prefer to know what my child is doing in school that week, and we might or might not do some life experience stuff to fit with it. My children don't often tell me what they are covering. One of them told me this weekend she did capacity last week. It would have been nice to know this from school. I can't think it would take that long to give us a summary of the kind of things that are covered in year 2 capacity so we could think up something fun at home at the right sort of time, or even just to put on the duplicated homework note that they did capacity that week.

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