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how to teach 3D shapes. Banging my head against a wall...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by delma, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. delma

    delma New commenter

    as above!
  2. delma

    delma New commenter

    as above!
  3. natsplat

    natsplat New commenter

    What year group? What are the particular problems you are having??
  4. delma

    delma New commenter

    sorry, year 3. I think my problem is trying to think of appropriate activities and what to talk about during the direct teaching? been criticised for not doing enough direct teaching. Was thinking of getting the children to cut out nets of prisms/cuboids etc...just having a major freak out before I return to school tomorrow!
    Was planning to use attribute blocks as an activity, which would have had me sorted for tomorrow, but the school doesn't have any
  5. The school may not have attribute blocks, but you probably have a kitchen with cuboids in it....packaging is wonderful....relate them to 3d nets, and you should be able to get them to hunt down some other examples around the classroom as part of the plenary....
  6. delma

    delma New commenter

    As soon as I got my brain into gear I started to think about how packaging could be quite useful to show net shapes. Can't think of a better reason to go out and buy a toblerone.....
  7. If you have art straws you could get them to make nets from them. Let them explore the packaging. How does it go together, what shapes are there in a net for a 3D shape? Can they recreate it? Give them some squared paper or card, can they draw a net. Can they match up the correct nets with 3D shapes? Can they identify the names of 3D shapes? Direct teaching - properties of 3D shapes - faces, vertices, curved, straight, polygons, quadrilaterals. Difference between pyramids and prisms. Use lots of maths language to get them thinking about it and talking about shape.
  8. Hi
    I taught a revision lesson on 3D shapes with my year three class least week- I teach my higher and lower abilty whilst my middle abilty 2C group go out with another teacher.
    I used powerpoint to display 3 D shapes and had them out on a table at the front. The children named the shapes, then we recapped the language face, vertices and edges- then child came to w/b and drew line from each word to the correct part on a shape. Then I did guess the shape- gave children a description and they guessed it.
    In main- HA with me- each ch became expert of a 3D shape- wrote what they knew on w/b's- then described their shape and others guessed. Then statements about shapes to investigate and say if true/false and how they knew.
    HA/MA-Indepedently selected a 3D shape, made it from playdough and stuck on w/b- next to it wrote description of faces, vertices etc- self checked using cards I made.
    LA- (lb and below)Three circles- one contained picture of shape, one solid shape and one name cards. Matched them up as a group then had picture made up of different shapes- coloured accordingly.
    I can e mail you powerpoint/plan if you want- its pretty simple though!
  9. delma

    delma New commenter

    Nutty to the rescue again-thanks. Think I will raid the cupboard for different boxes to take into school..
  10. delma

    delma New commenter

  11. How about showing the kids a range of 6-square nets and asking the children to predict which nets will make cubes ...

    They can then draw round the squares to make the nets and cut/fold them to see which ones do/don't make cubes.

  12. delma

    delma New commenter

    yes, that'sa good idea. Definitely wanted to make the session practical. I'm sure I'm being pigeon-holed as the worksheet woman!!
  13. Hi Rachel,

    I know you wrote this a long time ago but if you could email a plan or powerpoint that would be great. Do you think that would be possible?

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