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How to surive the first few weeks!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Purplepasta326, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Purplepasta326

    Purplepasta326 New commenter

    Would really appreciate advice from those who have been there. Am almost 6 weeks and have really started with sickness and exahustion- just feel so tired all the time. The HT at school knows I am pregnant and was very happy and supportive- which was lovely. Im just really struggleing. There is so much work to do- we have only been back a few days and I feel overwhelmed by planning and marking. I usually do quite a bit of work in the week but this week have just been exahusted. How have other people coped with the work load?
    I don't want to slack- we have lots of moderations atm and really do enjoy my job, I dont want to look for less than my usual standards or let things slide. Read previous posts on simillar subjects but just keep thinking that if I can get through the next 6 weeks it will get easier. Also I am a bit of a workaholic and really don't know how to adapt out of that mindset- teaching has consumed my life in both good and bad ways over the last 5 years- something that now has to change. I want to make sure that I give this class everything I can as hopefully next year will go back part time.
    Also terrified at the idea of miscarriage- advice to calm my constant fretting would also be much appreciated! Thankyou! xxx
  2. Hey pp firstly congratulations. I could have written your post 9 months ago but I'm now watching my 7 week old baby smile at her own fingers and school seems like a very distant memory.
    This is my opinion & may not be that of everyone but finding ways to do our job effectively but more quickly is a must when pg. You are going to find times when marking will need to be less detailed, lessons will need to be less time consuming to prepare but still can be very focused on quality learning. I used to spend hours on my smart boards and the kids loved them but it didn't effect their progress when I reigned it in a bit. Don't offer to stay behind for everything such as discos etc as you will get more and more exhausted. Set your alarm a little later - I quickly realised I could often be just as prepared in the morning 30 mins before the kids arrived rather than an hour. I don't think my high standards dropped when I was pregnant I just became a whole lot more selfish and used my time more effectively.
    Honestly it does get easier and truth be told your body will let you know it's limitations and you will have to adapt or your well being will suffer and the kids will suffer too. Take tons of snacks in, drink lots, sit when you can and enjoy it sweety it's an amazing time. Xx
  3. I agree with Julesk. I found that my priorities shifted massively and I still did a good job, but I did leave school earlier and get in a bit later. You will feel better towards the middle of your pregnancy and can do more planning etc then. But also bear in mind that you are one teacher to those children, they will have other teachers in their lives and they have their families looking after them too. However, you are the only mummy that your baby will have and so really what is more important? Take it easy, it goes so fast and you will never be pg with your first again so relax and hopefully you will start to enjoy it later on. for the first few weeks though I think it really is just a case of getting yourself through.
  4. I agree with advice given..
    I found the first weeks exhausting- luckily school closed for quite a few snow days... I would get home from work early and have a nap and sleep for 3 hours every sat and sun afternoon. Your body is making an entire human being in a really short space of time- at the moment it probably looks like a fluttering blob, in 6 weeks it will be a fully formed person so it is not suprising you are a little tired.... and you have to make a placenta. Your body is working overtime so you do need to give it a break.

    So, take any shortcuts you can- marking in class, getting children to mark own work, some easy lessons in the week... The children will be fine with odd easy lessons.

    It does get easier.

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