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How to simplify planning.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sideshowbob, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. am definitely slow off the mark with this thread! had to check the date, it has been going so long! You know what I am about to say.....! copy of your planning would be fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing.
  2. If you wouldnt mind I would love to see your planning.
    We are always thinking we dont plan correctly but we seem to do huge amounts so it would be good to see what others do
  3. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    reading your description bob I thought it sounded quite complicated, but maybe this is just how it sounds.

    We have 6 areas of learning on a4 sheet (indvidual).... across Monday to Friday
    then the areas within the classroom e.g. role play, lightstation and whole class sessions, outdoor area.

    I then plan for activities in the main 6 areas and resources to be put in the independent areas and the whole class. This includes key questions for extending learning and initial of adult to lead activity.
    Just like what you prob used in School. it is clear and precise and also says the resources needed. Staff can look at the end of each session and see what is happening the next day and set up. We have 2 adult initiated activities daily and 3 adult whole class sessions.

    everyone finds this very easy to follow as simple and has all there. Dont know if this is of any help
  4. just a thought, but couldn't we upload our planning into the resources section so we can all access each others planning for ideas and download without giving out our email addresses? I for one would appreciate seeing different formats. what do others think?
  5. I would really appreciate sharing planning I have just moved schools and expectations are different. There seems to be so much paperwork, I wonder what happened to the workload agreemnet!
  6. Please can you also send me a copy of the planning-looking forward to receiving it!
  7. I am new to the job and trying to simplify planning too. Please could you send me some examples of your planning. Thankyou,

  8. Please please please could someone send me some planning sheet ideas for 3-4 year olds, as I seem to be duplicating some things but I'm not sure what I can leave out.
    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks



  9. Working Mum, please please could i have a look at your planning. Only just read this link!

  10. Hi sorry i know i'm way behind with this link but would love a copy of your plans, many thanks

  11. I would be REALLY grateful of any planning formats as this is an unresolved discussion so far!!!


    Many thanks
  12. Hey working mum,

    your planning sounds ideal and hopefully I am not too late to get a copy of your plans. cass.ward@hotmail.co.uk
  13. Hello
    I am a NQT and I am totally lost nin the maze of planning.
    I would be extremely grateful for a copy of your planning it sounds like you make more sense than My PGCE.
    Many thanks
    Jennie jecane1@aol.com


  14. Hi NN,
    We also fid the planning for 2-3 a nightmare! We have to do 4-5 observations a DAY on each key worker child, also having 6-7 keyworker children at a time! Not good! This EYFS curriculum is rubbish!
    Workingmum - Could i also have a copy of your 2-3yr planning? I know this is an older post but i would really appriciate it!
    Eve x
  15. HI there, I am desperate to involve my children in planning and am looking everywhere for ideas. If anyone could share their planning formats i would appreciate it. Thanks hayley@kpmitchell.co.uk
  16. Hi I know this is an old post but I have just come across it. I would be very grateful for a copy of your formats as well. Thanking you in advance.
  17. Hi I work in a small setting with 0-3year olds. Our sessions run from 2-4 hours and we have limited funds, so any planning is done off my own back in my free time. I' m very interested in finding ways to plan that will fit into our work schedule. Your Birth to 3 topic led plans etc appeal to me and sound like they would be a good way forward for us. If it's possible could you send me copies of the format. Thank you.

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