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How to save a youtube clip to my pendrive

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missh27, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Youtube is banned on my school's comp and I want a video off youtube to showmy kids

    does anyone know of anyway I can save it on my pendrive and show it to them

    Miss H
  2. try using keepvid.com - you can then save the clip on your computer then save to your stick :)
  3. thank u
    you are a star :)
  4. Hummerston

    Hummerston New commenter

    Hello, This is just what I need to do too- I have got Keepvid on my laptop and copied the youtube address for what I want to keep- now what?
    I need idiot proof instructions I am afraid!
  5. its easy,put the youtube address into that website and then it downloads it as window's media player

    I found it dead easy
  6. Or download realplayer, then any clip from a variety of sources can be saved to your computer.
  7. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Anyone know how to do this on a mac please? It would be sooooo useful! Thanks, Andrew x
  8. Another site is 'savetube'. Just copy the URL from the youtube clip you want to save into the link on savetube's page and it downloads the video for you. I have a Mac and have used this lots.
  9. How does it go to media player? I can only seem to have the option of using realplayer and thats not ideal for school. Great website though :)
  10. Hummerston

    Hummerston New commenter

    Hi again,
    I copied the link into keepvid then clicked 'download' but how do you know how to download it as window media player?
  11. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    THANK YOU! I am off to try this now...
  12. Zamzar does do video formats, it is the one I use most :)
  13. Google "Free FLV Converter". That's another one!

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