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How to move on after a bad lesson observation.

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Doodsmisses, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Doodsmisses

    Doodsmisses New commenter

    Good evening, so had my first unsatisfactory lesson observation of my ten year career today. Previously I've only been graded good or better. I became a new HOD in January and since then I have begun to crumble under the pressure. I'm a DT specialist and since January my two year 11 all male classes switched courses twice due to the technical awards been unapproved
    I spent most of the summer planning for these only to have the classes switched to 3d art. I'm planning all my lessons to keep one step ahead of the students. I got observed with my year 7s who I have missed the last few previous lessons with as they have had supply due to myself running year 11 drop down days. The class was unmotivated and very hard to control. The principal said in my feedback it was the worst behaviour he had seen around the school and that it was inexcusable to make excuses for a unacceptable lesson, when I tried to explain the context of the lesson. How do I move on from been observed as unacceptable...
  2. cellerdore

    cellerdore Occasional commenter

    It sounds like you are under a lot of pressure and your year 7s slipped. Don't worry. It happens.

    You know that you made the right decision to concentrate on your Year 11s and obviously the children are going to act up after having a sub for a while. Do whatever it is that you need to do to relax (weekend down the pub for me!) and then move on. If this is the first time it has happened to you, the you have been doing great for 10 year. It won't happen again.

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