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How to make spelling and times tables fun??

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by freckles88, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi there, I start my new job in a just over a week as a teaching assistant supporting a child with SEN's. I will be working with him in the classroom as well as taking him out of class for 20 mins per day to do extra work with him. His IEP has several targets, such as learning how to spell new words, 7 x table, and number bonds to 100. I'm looking for some fun ways that I could help him learn these as I want him to enjoy it! He wears hearing aids, and glasses and prefers to learn through touch so I'd like to incorporate some multi-sensory apporaches in. Any ideas for something a bit different??
  2. It's not especially different, but singing times tables can be fun. Last year, I used to take two children for extra times table practice, we marched around school singing. Could you practise the spellings in sand (in a tray)?
  3. You don't say what age of child. Either way it may be worth looking at resource sites with online games, like yacapaca.com and what2learn. Flash cards can be useful and/or, in this case, letter tiles that can be placed in the right order on a table, magnetic board or some such.


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