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How to make a good impression on a school visit...?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Lilybett, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm just so shy and awkward!
    I don't know why, but teaching doesn't make me nervous - I love it. But interviews, visits, talking to people I don't know well, I get so nervous I feel sick and I either go really quiet and just want the ground to swallow me or I try to show that I am enthusiastic, friendly and creative (because I am!) but overcompensate and come across as a bit of a giddy idiot.
    I'm looking round a school tomorrow and I already know I want the job and really don't want to mess it up. Unfortunately, I know it's the Head taking me round and not a couple of the kids, so aargh.
  2. I am usually a confident person but I also find school visits terrifying! For me it is worrying about saying the wrong thing or making myself look stupid.

    I have taken to writing some pertinent questions in a notebook before I attend - this has the added benefit of making you appear organised and fully prepared! Just be cautious with the Q's........ e.g. would there be a possibility of offering extra-curricula activities etc? but make sure that you do your research first!
  3. You should definitely invest a bit of time in advance to find out what you can about the school and prepare a few questions that will allow you to demonstrate this knowledge i.e. don't immediately blurt out or force the information you've found out into the conversation. Well considered questions will help you steer the conversation to the areas that you want to discuss. And try to put yourself in the other person's shoes - if you were the headteacher what would you be hoping that a candidate would do during the visit? They want you to be engaged (so ask questions), and enthusiastic (not mute as you're shown around). Finally, use the visit to your advantage - try to glean information that you can subsequently refer to in your interview. Good luck...
  4. just smile a lot, show that you are listening, have a couple of questions in your mind before you go to ask if they are not covered.
    don't know what someone did in a visit yesterday. Laughing horrendously loud at the headteacher's jokes, jostling to be at the front of the queue, being overly loud when agreeing to a point 'MMMMMM' 'MMMMM'...god i wanted to throttle her!!!
  5. tavypilgrim

    tavypilgrim New commenter

    I went on another one today. In short most people on the tours(including myself) just act friendly and interested. There will however almost always be one person who sees it as their life mission to be remembered. This will be the person who laughs horrendously and agree profusely with everything the headteacher says. Said person will ask pointless questions, and piggy back onto other peoples good questions by saying things like "oh yes I've done/did that" really loudly. They are also the kind of person who will try and put off other applicants or 'suss them out' by asking lots of invasive questions. There was one such person on the tour today who created quite a uncomfortable scene. She pushed 2 other candidates out of the way in order to be able to follow closest to the headteacher and then managed to trip him up by standing on his heals. She also subjected us all to somewhat of a Spanish inquisition and tried to take a straw poll on how many of us were NQTs.
  6. I love you all, thanks for your calming words and useful suggestions xxx

    tavypilgrim - ha ha - what an idiot!! Urgh, I know, I hate the sycophancy of the whole thing. People wetting themelves laughing at the slightest aside the Head makes - it's so gross, I hope Heads can see through the b.s. [​IMG]

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