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How to interpret adverts for jobs .....

Discussion in 'Education news' started by pixiewixiepixie, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. pixiewixiepixie

    pixiewixiepixie Occasional commenter

    Highly aspirational school - we are **** and we know it.

    Our school adopts a 'no excuses' approach to school improvement. - You will do everything we demand of you, no excuses.

    We are a supportive school - you will be put on a 'support' plan faster than a speeding bullet if you don’t do everything we ask.

    A willingness to take ownership of their own development - we don’t have a budget for CPD or any other training this year.

    Are you willing to go the extra mile - You don’t mind putting lots of intervention sessions lunchtime and after work, do you? And I assume working Saturday is okay with you?

    Join our Family of Schools - We are an Academy Trust, so you can look forward to a salary of £22K a year with 10 years experience, rising to £250K a year if you become CEO.

    Willing to add to the fabric of learning and success beyond the classroom - You’ll be expected to run school trips.

    A clear thinker - No alcoholics, please.

    Committed to constant evaluation of your own impact - You won’t complain when we scrutinise everything you do at least twice a day (it’s not that we don’t trust you …)

    Humour is essential - think ‘Alan Partridge’.

    Dynamic - think ‘Alan Partridge’.

    We are a Catholic School - A priest is available when required.

    Oversubscribed - Large classes with many non-English speaking students.
  2. talentedbeads

    talentedbeads New commenter

    Bright young staff team - No one over 40 need apply.
  3. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Recently I visited a school for a part time job, two days a week.

    I arrived 5mins earlier than the time I was given, but still had to wait 20minutes beyond the appointment time, to see the HT.

    After this I passed off on the DHT, as the HT had to go for training elsewhere.

    Anyway- I heard some key phrases

    Non- negotiables: Even if our key ideas have no proven value, comply or die

    Recent arrivals (in East of England): we have lots of Romanians/poles who don't speak English and we simply don't have a clue what to do, we are phoning around other schools in our cluster/city pulling our hair out!!!

    Our phonics scheme is Letters and Sounds: We love this, it's brilliant because all the teachers here have already had their training, and we don't want to invest money in further phonics training, even if there are better schemes out there. We would rather have EAL children struggle & teachers crippled by work load than think about actually creating a small change which would have huge leverage.

    Being part time is the hardest thing: we expect you to do 2 days work for each day we pay you for.

    Our other part time teacher is now in a ft teaching position in another year group: We have put someone through capability as she was young, had recently become engaged, she mentioned she might want to start a family & we didn't want to have her work 2 years (so allowing her "privileges" of full time permanent employee rights)

    Summer Term contract, with possibility of being taken on full time over the holidays: We don't want to pay you over the holidays, don't delude yourself, we only want an NQT or GTP trainee for September.

    We have high expectation: this is a hollow phrase which we spout- our expectations so high they are cannot be met but they will be set and you will be on capability within a minute of realising this.

    There are lots more...

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