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How to get UK TV on your Kindle Fire

Discussion in 'Book club' started by TheoGriff, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Not a Book subject, I know, but people may look here for anything Kindley . . .
    I can get TV on my Fire! Yay!
    How have I managed it?
    To watch TV on your Fire, you need a working Flash Player.
    But Adobe has stopped making/supporting the Flash player that would work with TV on a Fire. :(
    Or you need a tv player. The BBC iPlayer works from the Amazon App store. Free. :)
    4oD won't play - you get a blue revolving lego brick telling you that
    you need to upgrade your Flash, and then when you follow its link, you
    get a choice of a series of Flash players that will not install/work on
    your Fire. :(
    If you try to download ITV player, the ITV
    website directs you to the Google Play store, which Amazon won't let you
    use on your kindle - i.e. you cannot download stuff from it. :(
    And the above are just for things that you missed, not live-time TV. :(
    So here, in a <strike>few easy </strike>numerous awkward, steps, is how to do it.
    1) On your in-built Silk browser, search and download the Goodereader App and install it.
    cannot quite remember at this stage if it installed itself, or if you
    had to find Downloads and install it yourself. If so, you do it by
    going to the menu, and possibly in the menu clicking More to find
    Downloads, then clicking on what you wish to install and then selecting
    2) Once this is installed, you go to Apps and open the
    Goodereader. Do a search for Dolphin, and click on Dolphin HD to
    download it. This time you DO have to install it as described above.
    Go to Apps and open Dolphin, which is a rival browser to Silk, but lets
    you do some things that Amazon's Silk won't allow. Go to the site
    below and download and install the Flash player for ICS (NOT the
    standard Flash player, as that gives the blue lego brick problem. Install it as described above.
    To download the TVcatchup App and NOT have to use the GooglePlay site
    (that Kindles cannot use), visit this link, again via Dolphin, to go on
    the TVcatchup site for a beta version of the app that they are
    Download and install it as described above.
    You now have 50 or more TV channels, from BBC1 onwards,
    that you can watch in what seems to me to be real time streaming. They
    may be a few seconds behind, but that's all. They seem to be the
    channels that you get on FreeView on your normal TV.
    5) You
    now have to get ITV player, to watch last week's programmes or whatever
    it is that you missed. If you try on the ITV website it just directs
    you to Google Play, which you cannot use. So, again from your Dolphin
    browser, try this instead:
    the spelling is wrong, but copy and paste that into your Dolphim
    browser (you'll need to be reading TES in Dolphin on your Kindle Fire if
    you don't want to type it out).
    Download it, do menu and then More, then Download, then click on it and install.
    If you have already got the BBC iplayer and BBC media player from the Amazon Apps, you are all set.
    You can watch:
    a) live TV using the TVCatchup app from Apps
    b) missed BBC using BBC iPlayer from Apps
    c) missed Channel 4 using 4OD that you access via Dolphin on the web. Open Dolphin in Apps.
    d) missed ITV using ITVcatch-up app from Apps
    YAY! Sorted! :)
    Best wishes
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  2. MsKE

    MsKE New commenter

    Thanks for that, Theo. next question... do you know how to get films onto Kindle Fire? Preferably legally and cheaply! [​IMG]
  3. The kindle fire hd has a direct link to Love Film or you can down load the Netflix app. If you want to copy over any films you have to convert them to mp4 and copy them to the "Movies" folder. Unfortunately the fire hd won't stream movies from your pc.....yet :&not;))
  4. Wey-hey...there is a way now. An app called BSplayer. if you go into it's settings you can set your pc as a server in the lan settings. Providing you are sharing any movies etc, it will show up in BSPlayer and off you go.
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    I have good news for you!
    If you download the free App that looks like a traffic cone - whassitcalled? - VLC - you can play all sorts of format films.
    When you try to sideload onto your Fire, you are warned that you are trying to copy a file that will not play on your device.
    But ignoring this warning and loading them anyway, with VLC I have played:
    • RMVB
    • FLV
    • 3GPP audio/video
    • MPG Movie Clip
    • Video Clip
    • and MP4 of course
    I have no idea what all these mean; I just know that they work on my Fire. :)
    Best wishes
    Meet Theo on line on the TES JobSeekers Forum, every week in print in the TES magazine, or in person at one of the TES Careers Advice Service seminars or individual consultations
    I am doing the Moving into SLT seminar on 2nd Feb


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