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How to get the right font for handwriting - free

Discussion in 'Primary' started by fly, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. fly

    fly New commenter

    I have the usual fonts on Word, but want one that will show a clear joined font for handwriting work. I have found a site to download a good one but it is £19 and I don't really want to use my own money to pay for a font for school on my school laptop. (They get passed around at the end of the year.) Does anybody know where to look to find a good, free handwriting font to download please?
  2. C49

    C49 New commenter

    If you have a ****** account they have one I believe.
  3. ABCCBA123321

    ABCCBA123321 Occasional commenter

    To be honest - you're going to struggle to get one that joins as cursive for free really as they're more complex than the multitude of free fonts around on the internet (I have a bit of a font addiction so I've got a lot). The one on that subscription resource site asterisked out earlier is quite a pretty one though (but as a lowly supply I'm not in a position to afford their subscription at the moment).

    If you pay for one - store the file somewhere like a dropbox or in your email and you should be able to just install it onto whatever laptop you get the following year anyway - I've got some fonts that have been through 7-8 machines with me over the last decade or so - or ask school if they'll fund it so it's consistent throughout the school like it should be really.
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