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How to Get out of Teaching?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Sammy0709, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. After 6 years of teaching I am coming to conclusion that good is never good enough. After many disheartening days thinking about figures, targets and putting children in awful boxes to be told nope that was good but now it is not good enough.
    I have decided I need to leave the profession. It is the most depressing job - exhuasting and lacks any sort of praise or recognition. I just want to instill a love of learning in children in all areas of the curriulum - not pigeon hole them into levels and groups and focusing on what they can't do but instead devloping who they are as human beings.
    After another exhuastng day I just want to jack it in.
    What do I do though? I have a degree in primary ed, experience in retail and the civil service.
    Hoping that there is more to life than teaching? Any ideas?

  2. Dylancat

    Dylancat New commenter

    Well, you're not the only one. 7 years in I too am VERY disheartened at the moment - want to use my skills to help children learn but, frankly, do not thrive with the needs of 30 children at very dispirate levels plus behaviour lplus being jack of all trades... Would like to focus on literacy or PHSE and really be able to see a difference while teaching a few children at a time...
    Three adults cried in our staff meeting last week. Come on, that's not right is it???
    If there are any suggestions while I undergo my research into alternative employment, I'd love to hear them....
    I hear you, Sammy..
  3. Patontheback

    Patontheback New commenter

    I worked in mainstream for 10 years doing crowd conrol basically and then I changed to special needs and never looked back. Yes there is paperwork but the classes are small and you make good relationships with your pupils. And there is such a variety of difficulties, places to work and levels there has to be a job to suit everyone! I get a big kick out of their small and big achievements and you get a lot more freedom in how you present the prescribed curriculum to meet the needs of your kids. Everything you do for them and every step forward they make you know makes a huge impact on the quality of their adult lives. Well it's an idea................
  4. Thanks - for the messages thinking PRU or SEN sounds better!!
    Any more ideas would be most welcome.

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