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How to get into Teaching in Australia.

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by phie, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Firstly. There is no guide to teaching in Australia as that just doesn't exist. Each state is different and has control over it's education system. I think you need to realise in asking how to get work in Australia. You might as well ask; how do I get teaching job in Europe. What answer would you give me, then? A little Australian history lesson each state was a series of colonies (effectively separate countries) In 1901 the states came together and federated. Part of federation was that each state keep it's identity and has control over things like Education and Health these are managed through the state governments.
    Therefore, the steps I would take is chose a few states you would be happy to work in. Get in contact with their Departments of Education (and training) to discuss the possibility of work. At the same time contact the Teacher registration boards in those states you are interested in. Some states the process is a little different.
    If you know which states you are interested in I may be able to advise further Australia is a HUGE place bigger than Europe. Don't think that it is all the same.
    The most significant thing you can do is to sort out the passport/visa situation first. That will open or close a lot of doors for you.
  2. Thanks for the advice! Oh yeah sorry, to be honest I have been thinking about heading south (Gold Coast and downwards), so towards New South Wales and Victoria- have you got any ideas about how to apply in either of those states?

    Thanks for the advise on visas, I think that will be sorted quite easily from where I have been looking.
  3. Gold coast is in Queensland. Beware jobs on the coast are scarce as hen's teeth. To get them you either have to do country service first, work in a hard to staff school (take a flack jacket with you) or work as a supply teacher in a school until something comes up.

    Teach Australia will verify your qualifications to make sure that are equilant to local degrees. Apply to both the VIT and New South Wales college of teachers to get registration. NSW has centralised staffing in the public sector. Apply for the recruitment round via the teachnsw website this happens in June for January the next year. You should also apply to the Department of Education and Training in the ACT (you realise Sydney is not the capital of Australia), their applications close in June as well, I believe. You would have a good chance with the ACT. They would certainly take you for supply. The ACT does not currently require teacher registration.
    Victoria has decentralised staffing you will need to apply to schools individually, look on The Age website for jobs, eteach and teachers on net au are also ways of finding jobs in Victoria. Contact the Catholic Education Office (CEO) in each Diocese you would be prepared to teach in they often have jobs on their websites. You can also find out the names of schools you are interesting teaching at, look on their websites for advertised jobs.
    I can't help you with Queensland information The CEO tip should still be applicable. You will have to apply to their teacher registration board.
    There are a few teacher recruitment agencies don't bother with them.
  4. Thanks, for all of that! looks like I'll have a busy half term!

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