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How to find a work placement (Help!)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by annie-b, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I?ve applied to do my PGCE course but am struggling to find any work experience in a London primary school (I live in Tower Hamlets). I've sent what feels like hundreds of letters and emails but have had very few replies. Any tips on how to find a placement? I only need two weeks to meet the requirement.

    I do volunteer with a local charity one day a week where I help out with year seven pupils, will this count?


  2. If the charity work involves you being in a classroom and you can get 10 days of experience then I would say that would be fine. I currently work as a volunteer support worker and spend a lot of time chasing school staff, and I can tell you from experience that heads and schools are not the best at picking up and dealing with emails and letters. Direct action always works best.
    Your best bet is to go and speak to a few schools yourself and give your letter to them in person. Choose a lunch hour if you can as heads are usually around and may have a few minutes to speak with you.Have you tried speaking to your old Primary school? Or do you have friends/relatives/neighbours who go to/work at a Primary school who can recommend you to the head?

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