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How to find a job in USA

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by shoefeind, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hi, am wondering if anyone can help me. I want to have a go at teaching in the USA. Despite a lot of negative comments on threads on here its something i have always wanted to try. I seem to keeo coming to a dead end when it comes to actually looking for ways to do it, however.
    I have applied through BSA and also the VIF programme. I don't have anough full time teaching experience for the VIF programme as i have done quite a bit of supply work during my 3 years experience.
    I am continuing to apply to BSA but i want to know if there are other ways of getting a job over there as Google seems to be drawing more confusion than revalation. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    No, shoefiend, we are not being "negative", merely truthful. I have never taught in the U.S. of A., but my American colleagues have told me that the employment situation is very difficult for American teachers, so it only stands to reason that it is going to be even harder for non-Americans to find a teaching job in the States.
  3. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    This is something I've been wondering about after rechecking the eligibility requirements for a H1B visa. As far as I can tell, if you have a 4 year degree there's no minimum number of years work experience requirement. So this 3 year business appears to be a BSA/VIF foible.

    Can anyone confirm this, or correct me if I'm wrong?
  4. I'm afraid I have to agree with other posts - it is extremely difficult to get a teaching job in the US at the moment. I did two 2 years stints with VIF, and had to leave at the end of the second one due to job cuts last June. There are so few jobs for American teachers in many states right now that international teachers are not being readily considered, especially if you are a primary teacher. If you are teach a secondary shortage subject then you have a slightly better chance at being placed somewhere. And to get a job on your own, without someone like VIF working on your behalf, is almost Mission Impossible.
    Sorry :(
  5. When I was in the US with VIF they were finding positions for NQTs and other teachers with very little experience. However, it might be because there are so few jobs available now that they are only taking people who have more years experience.
  6. Thanks for your help and advice, does anyone know of any other exchange fromgrammes except VIF that might take my 3 years experience even though they are not all full time teaching posts?
  7. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Yes, I know about this. You have to be a NQT virgin or have the 3+ years, but can't fall in between. Hence my comment about foibles.
  8. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Thinking about my use of the word virgin, it does seem to aptly describe the rationality.

    It's a bit like a punter insisting on either being the first client or having someone that's serviced the entire fleet.

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