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how to explain it to a pupil? and should I?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by ABU22, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. My placement is in a so called tough school with many pupils from a
    council area. I do have a few lovely children in each class, the ones
    who really want to learn and even run after me asking to check their
    extension works, but I also have a lot of those who are not interested
    in studying. Today I was really fed up. I printed vocabulary sheets for
    pupils together with things which they would need for their course work,
    and one of the pupils started commenting "I hate this sheet, did you
    make it on an old computer, can't you afford a new one"... There was
    nothing wrong with the sheet, she just didn't want to write and was
    looking for an excuse, also the thing which annoyed me was that this
    pupil is originally an immigrant from a poor third world country, and she should be actually happy to have a possibility of getting free
    education, free school meals and free printed sheets and use this opportunity for learning. I am sure none would spoon feed her like that back home. I thought I would
    discuss this next time tete-a-tete with her, but I am not sure as, knowing how tolerant and politically correct
    the UK is, she may accuse me in racism or nationalism or whatever. How
    could I make it clear to her without being judged for offence? Or should I actually be bothered?
  2. I would say you should def not go anywhere near that one!
  3. why not? [​IMG]
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Errrr yes she would! And rightly so! And if I was your mentor/tutor and heard about you doing so I would be recommending the university reconsider your placement in the school.

    I'm utterly stunned that you could even think such a thing, let alone post it happily here! I can only imagine you are not actually serious about speaking to this child in such a way.

    You should have dealt with her rudeness in whatever way your placement school allows and then left it there. She has no more reason to be grateful for a free education than any other child.
  5. For this reason!
  6. I've emboldened some words I don't think you understand. Also, in my considered opinion, you are, if not actually racist, pretty narrow-minded. Doesn't mean the kid isn't a pain in the backside, but where she comes from doesn't figure in that.
  7. I come from the country which is not far from that kid's one.However, I always knew - before asking for something you need to contribute. My parents got jobs, and I worked hard to get my GCSEs, A levels , degrees and jobs. I never messed around because I could remember where I used to live before and I knew I wouldn;t want to go back. However, I didn't want to end up on benefits, so I was happy a had a choice. I was happy I could go to school and uni and learn, because I wouldn't be able to do it in my country. But thanks for your replies, I guess things changed and it is an offence to remind about it now.
  8. wheezysteve

    wheezysteve New commenter

    I am also a student teacher, in a difficult school. The part that makes this uneasy to read is your identification of this student is: "the thing which annoyed me was that this pupil is originally an immigrant from a poor third world country, and she should be actually happy to have a possibility of getting free education, free school meals and free printed sheets and use this opportunity for learning"
    This should never factor into your opinion and/or assessment of the pupil. Many pupils from the "council" areas that you identify are also in receipt of free education/free school meals etc. but we as professionals must be inclusive of all students, and not prejudge them. Your student has the right to complain or moan as much as any other student in the class; once they enter your room they are all equal - just as you have the right to discipline his/her rudeness towards you the same way as you would to any child.
    But you have, by your own mentality, discriminated against her, prejudging her based upon being an immigrant. Its definitely not what the teaching profession tries to promote; and you should consider how you think of immigrant children in the future before you consider thinking seriously about teaching.
  9. Kids will be kids, and I have heard every excuse possible not to work- "can't read the text", "boring worksheets" etc.

    Although I can understand why you feel the way you do, lecturing a child over a silly comment will not do any good apart from

    a) the possibility of making matters worse
    b) reminding the pupil of the incident when realistically they have probably forgotten by now
    c) giving the pupil an excuse to moan every lesson/ turn against you/ cruel accusations etc

    Lecturing people about how lucky they are won't do anything- they have had enough of that during last week's Red Nose Day.

    Forget about it, enjoy the rest of your day, and keep producing the resources that YOU are proud with!

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