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How to enthuse children who have been turned off by French!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by psycho_jo, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Hi, I've been reading the above posts with interest. I've taught French in a middle school for a couple of years (I'm an English specialist) and not had any problems. Just started at a new school and have 2 year 8 mixed ability classes. One class is fab, having great fun playing bingo etc. The other class can't even get into the room without causing chaos. I've had excellent support from SMT who have informed me that they've had a bad couple of years in French and have been totally turned off. I've planned some great activities for them but can't even get as far as the starter without them playing up. Doesn't help that I'm new and they're trying to push me but need some tips to get them turned back on so that I can show them that my French lessons are fun! Any suggestions for slightly older (if not more mature) learners?
  2. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    A game my kids love, ( and we also use it for learning times tables) is nombre tennis. Basically, split the class into 2, facing each other as though they are playing tennis. One group 'serves the ball', and as they pretend it hit it, they shout 'un', and the opposing group 'returns the ball' and count 'deux', and so on until you get to the number that you want to count to, or one of the groups goes wrong. A good games for months of the year is to shout out a month of the year in French and if a child has their birthday in that month, they have to stand up and shout out the month back in French. The first person to stand up and shout it is the winner. It can get a little noisy if 4 or 5 have a birthday in the same month! I teach Y3 - 6 in my school, and if I could give you one tip, it would be to have fun!
  3. Niali

    Niali New commenter

    I've used some of these ideas today and the children loved it! I didn't realise how much they could remember as well until we started playing some of the games - a good lesson had by all!

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