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How to encourage self feeding?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by wormburger, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    After being very lazy and taking the easy quick option of feeding LO from a spoon myself up until now, I would really like to encourage her to start feeding herself more. She's brilliant with finger food which usually covers lunch and most puddings and snacks. She's 16 months. She has always had a spoon to hold/play with while i've fed her.
    The last 2 nights (fish pie & chicken curry) have been a bit of a disaster! I've loaded several spoons with food then left them in the bowl for her to pick up and feed herself with. I've tried this with her ready brek in the mornings and it seems to work with that. However, in the evenings she just flings food everywhere, throws her spoon on the floor and has ended up literally shoving food into her mouth by the fistful! I've tried very hard not to laugh but it's not really something I want to encourage.
    So my question is, is it too soon for her to get to grips with cutlery? I don't know if I'm forcing the issue as it would suit me of she could feed herself, then I could feed myself some food for a change! Maybe it's because she's tired in the evenings so hasn't got the patience to try?
    Any ideas gratefully received!
  2. Exactly what Leeds said! We did blw too and our daughter suddenly became able to feed herself with a spoon at 14 months; she did (and sometimes still does at 23 months!) turn spoon upside down but usually falls in her mouth or in the scoopy bit of her tommee tippee bib and she just gets it back out again and eats it! Just give him one spoon (your post sounds like you line up several in his bowl- sorry if that's not the case!) and allow him to feed himself while you feed him with another one. Also- excuse and allow the mess, as it's all part if the learning process! Has he used something as a dipper? Eg toast in houmous or apple slices in yoghurt? These are good early practice for using a spoon! Enjoy!

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