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How to deliver degree-level programmes in a school sixth form - free help and resources available

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by neil_pinder, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Dear Business Colleagues,

    If you would like me to provide free resources on how your school sixth form can deliver degree-level programmes funded through Student Finance England, feel free to leave your school email address on this thread and I will send on my resources.

    We have developed degree-level programmes taught successfully through our school sixth form. I’ve recently presented at an SSAT conference on how this can be done as many schools and academies are unaware that they can provide the same opportunities within their community. We have found that this is an excellent opportunity for those students who had not intended to progress to higher education. Please see our article below:


    Having started our second year of HE courses, including Business and Art & Design, I am more than happy to share how and why we developed this opportunity for our students and how they are benefitting from it.

    I have set up a specific forum “School Sixth Form Group” to discuss key issues with like-minded staff

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