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How to deal with one childs pushing and name calling and the other children tell tales on him??

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by kayhard911, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. I work in a small school and I teach a mixed EYFS and Yr 1 class.
    A yr 1 joined me in Nov from another school where they had very little positive to say about him. In the classroom he is doing ok but in the outdoor area he is pushing hitting and calling other children names. The support staff are constaltly pulling him in. I went out to play today to observe I noticed he is very physical and is pushing and name calling alot often as the end of a chain for example a child takes something from him runs away so he goes and hits them. Also the children have become aware of his negitive behavior and are quick to tell on him. The staff seem to be only acting on the end behavior of the boy eg the push asking him to say sorry but 10 mins later it happens again and the same thing happens. Today this happened a few times then the child got taken inside. The children in my class have taken note of this and are quick to place blame on him for everything.
    Does anyone have suggestion firstly on how I can help this child to understand he cannot push children and to mean the sorry as I feel that he is just saying sorry and does not really understand what he has done.

    Also how can I deal with the constant telling of tales.
    And how to discuss this with staff ?

  2. Push him around (obviously not too roughly!) and ask him how he feels.That's how other children feel.
  3. Do a session on friendship and manners? You mention it's the end of a chain- perhaps the other children need reminding of good behaviour too!
    Something along the lines of what is good behaviour, what is bad behaviour, what do you do if someone does the latter to you, etc.
    You can either do it just as a standard session or tell them why (not this boy in particular, but that you've noticed several people aren't acting quite as nicely in the playground as you'd want).
  4. It concerns me that you call it "telling of tales". In my children's school they were told to stop telling tales when they were actually reporting bullying. Do you not want the other children to report his bad behaviour?
  5. Sounds like a big circle time is required! Maybe use SEAL resources about getting on and falling out? Try to emphasise the positives; talk about what isn't nice but then replace it with something that should be done instead, eg we SHOULDN'T push each other, we SHOULD give a helping hand when someone needs it, etc. Perhaps use hands as a starting point - what can we do to have kind hands? My kind hands can.....help, hug, hold, clap, etc....just thinking off the cuff! Good luck x

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