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How to claim back tax...Need the dosh!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Ostpreussen, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. HI,
    Wonder if anyone can advise.
    I have been doing supply for ten years now - mainly agency and LEA long-term contracts.
    Am usually on emergency tax as I have been with various agencies over the years and never had the single person's threshold and paid a load of tax.
    I know you can only claim for the last 6 tax years, but how do I do it?
    Not sure I have the relevant payslips and P45s. Have some, but would the tax office have a record of whom I have worked for and when. Would they request payment records on my behalf.
    Was going to go through the NASUWT company where you get 60% back and they keep a 40% cut? Has anyone done that. But it would be nice to get the whole let owed to me back.
    Am about to finish a year's long term postion and have no job for September. So need the money badly.
    Any advice would be great. Also - how long does it take?
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Just ring your tax office and ask for a Tax Review for any/all of the years in question. In a few weeks they'll have totted it all up and will send a cheque for anything (and everything) they owe you.

    I recently asked for a Tax Review for the last two years and got over £400 back - kerchiiing. Most of it was due to my last permanent employer deducting too much tax when I left their employ before the end of the tax year. However there was a supply-based discrepancy too.

    Don't waste your time with any of those those companies that take a cut for doing something HMRC will do for free.

    I'd suggest in future you ask for your personal tax allowance to be split between your employers in proportion with the percentage earnings you get from each employer. Last year I split it three ways - this year because I've been on long term supply since April I applied the whole allowance to one employer.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    How have you gone so long without getting a tax code to use with one of your employers?
    You should complete a P46 (from one ofyour employers) where you state that this is your only, or your main, employment and cyou also tick if you have an income contingent student loan. That will at least put things on a better footing for this tax year.
    At the end of every tax year, any employer where you are still employed will send you a P60 form and you should hold onto it. It's very important. It usually arrives before the end of MAY (tax year ends on 5th April every year)
    If you have left an employment during a tax year, they will send you a P45 which records your gross pay and the amount of tax you have paid through them.
    If you received JSA in the tax year , you will get a P45 from them detailing the total JSA paid, as that is potentially taxable if you have other income.
    You then write a letter to the Inland revenue (one letter for each tax year, going back 6 tax years) and you detail your gross taxable pay (itemise for each employer) and the amount of tax deducted.
    If you have savings (ignore ISA savings), you include the gross interest paid and thetax deducted at source from the interest.
    You alos include your NI number and I always give my Bank Account details and request any rebate to be made in a lump sum into my accoumnt rather than being used to increase my tax code and reduce my tax in the current or following tax year.
    As a teacher paying the GTC fee, claim tax relief on that fee (download the tax relief form on the GTC website (one for each year) and include with your letter.
    If ina UNion, claimtax relief on the allowable portion of your subs(the union will tell you what you paid in the last 6 years and what fraction can be offset against tax.
    Sign the letter and sit back and wait for the money to roll in!
  4. You can do what magic suggests or go on the tax web site.

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