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How to become an SEN teacher?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. You can take PGCE with SEN specialism - most, but not all, training providers offer this. Then after qualifying and passsing induction, you can take further courses and qualifications as part of your CPD. Then apply for an SEN post. There is an option of serving NQT year in a special school, but you cannot do it in a PRU.
  2. BTW, I was talking about primary. For secondary, you usually specialise in a subject for PGCE, then as above.
  3. In my experience, schools will take you with any teaching qualification, but the real clincher is having SEN experience. As most students are below national curriculum age, knowledge of behaviour strategies and creative ways of implementing learning are more important.
  4. As others have said you can specialise in SEN at PGCE level. That's what I'm going to do. woohoo. However, you have to have a few years experience in a mainstream school then you can train to be a teacher in a special needs school. I'm fairly sure you can't train to be a special needs teacher without the experience of ebing a mainstream teacher.
  5. ebing = being not ebaying*
  6. There is at least one teacher at the special school where I work who joined as a primary NQT with no formal SEN experience. Many others got jobs with only mainstream experience.

    Everyone I have spoken to about my PGCE has recommended getting at least a couple of years mainstream experience before getting back into SEN. In my experience the bulk of learning about SEN is done on the job with appropriate training courses and reading relating to the kids you are working with.

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