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How to become a deputy head?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by takethatno1fan, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    Hi, I am not a deputy myself but have been teaching a number of years. I would definitely recommend you teach KS1. I think to be an effective deputy you need to have experience of and a good amount of knowledge about the different challenges that each key stage presents.
    I'm sure others will be along shortly with other ideas.
    Good luck!
  2. Thanks for that I was wondering if teaching in more than one key stage was imperative.

    Thanks for your post!
  3. WB

    WB Star commenter

    Widening your expereince is good advice.
    Have you ever taught in Year 6? I think you will need to have proved youself in Year 6 to be taken seriously.
  4. No I have only taught across year 3 and year 5.
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I too recommend broadening your experience across the phases.Experience of a different school might be helpful too, though not necessarily essential!
    You seem to have evidence of line management & data handling which will be important for your application.
    Have a look for some DH job specification criteria and see what else you might need. Best of luck!
  6. Thanks for taking the time to post

    I have managed a team of people due to phase leader/ head of year appointment. I have leadership of two areas Science and another subject. I have analysed the data from this term and I have impacted on the standards of Science across the whole school because over the summer I wrote a new scheme of work and introduced a new way to assess science across the school. I am in charge of managing the budget for the two subjects I am a coordinator for. I was also a mentor for a PGCE student last year (second year of teaching). I feel that I am doing above the description as a class teacher I have had to work out average points scores (percentages etc) for my year group and set my year group targets. Would it be best to move schools? Thanks again for your above comments I appreciate the honesty!
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Do you have a TLR for the responsibilities you have? If not then looking for a TLR post would be the next obvious step.

    Subject co-ordination (unless maths or literacy) doesn't count for much in progression in primary schools unfortunately as most staff are co-ordinators for something. You may have written a new scheme of work and introduced new assessments, but it is not yet clear that these have raised standards. You will need a year or two of improved results to show this.

    DH is probably a step too far for your next move, but you are showing you can do over and above what is required which is always a good thing. Try phase leader in a bigger school where you can be responsible for all of KS2 and get a TLR which shows you are the next step up. Then look to AH and then DH.

    Definitely do what someone else said and look at DH person specifications and see what you are missing. Ask your HT for the opportunity to do those things in the next year or two or move to a TLR post somewhere else and ask your new HT for the opportunities.

    You don't necessarily need to have experience in more than one school, but it is usual to do so. Teaching in more than one KS is also generally an essential or desirable condition.

    Keep in mind that if you are a DH and the HT is run over by the proverbial bus, you will be running the school on your own. Are you ready to do that? Similar things have happened to many DHs.
  8. A colleague got a DH job in a very good school after only working in one school in Reception and Year 2. She had been teaching for 4 years. A lot depends on YOU.
  9. Yes unfortunately the subject is Science and the other subject is another non core subject. But I do have a TLR for the role of head of year/phase leader.

    How else could I impact on standards across the school? Has anybody done this that could give me some advice?

    I have such a clearer understanding of what I need now. Thanks for all your posts!
  10. What's the rush? You stand a better chance of being an outstanding and respected deputy head if you have a bit of experience and an inside out knowledge of the job. If you went to deputy now, you would spend the first few years in that role trying to keep your head above the water because you are still an inexperienced teacher, never mind manager.
  11. I agree. I know of someone who went from NQT to Head within 10 years. I know of others wih 30 years experience happy to remain on M6. The higher up you are, the greater the pressure and expectations. It can be tough at the top and the responsibilities huge. You may end up in charge of others older and more experienced than you which is not a problem if you have the appropriate people skills. I am happy to work for someone younger than me (and now I probably always will as I am ancient and currently have a student in my class who I once taught as a child). However I can home at the end of the day and worry about things which if they didn't actually get done wouldn't have too much of an impact long term. I don't have to worry about staffing levels, next years intake, Governors, Community links etc etc.
    Promotion is fabulous and brings its rewards but sometimes at a price. If you are keen, then all the best but remember make your Head know you want more because you could get over looked by others by vocal than you xxx
  12. I have to agree with many of the above posts, I have been teaching 7 years and am now beginning to look to more responsibility...........I have had a couple of DHT, AHT interviews unsuccessfully and mainly it is due to not having enough experience (even though I have quite a lot of the same experiences as you have mentioned) and being able to give the answers and hit the buzz phrases so looking and practicing interview questions/techniques/presentations/in tray will prepare you for that interview process which in some schools is very intense - one was like the x factor with people being send home at various points during the day (managed to get to last 2 but in the end no cigar) Have you done any of the leadership courses (LftM, LP - if they still exist)........other things such as becoming a Governor (either at your school or another).....many criteria do ask that you have worked in more than one school (again at times not essential) or other Key stages, working in Yr 6 is also an advantage......heads are retiring at a rate of knots, so many positions will come up over time, just try to put yourself in the strongest position possible as getting the....we thought you were great BUT is pretty horrible!
  13. Thanks again for all your posts! My biggest dilemma now is shall I stay in the school I am currently working or shall I go?

    My school is one of those sort of schools that has been in the press/news/TV for doing so well. It has plans to open a new school. The head is amazing as she creates new roles so all members of staff feel like they are progressing.

    If I stay I will need to speak to my head about my ambitions about moving into a different key stage. But this is not my decision and it may be a big risk to stay and not get moved to a different key stage. There is a slim possibility that I may get moved to the new school that they plan to open then that will tick the criteria of teaching across different key stages in a different school but again I cannot guarantee that that I will be moved to that school.

    There is a lot of opportunity at my current school but the dilemma is that I have no control whereas if I apply for a new school I would apply in a different key stage and this will tick both criterias.

    If you was me what would you do?
  14. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    With a Head like that, go and discuss your feelings with her/him.

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