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How to be ruthless when packing and shipping stuff

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by tassiegirl, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Thanks, for the replies so far!

    I do mean in terms of clothes and house hold goods etc.

    Some things seem conflicting in terms of what I can buy out there and what I should bring. But it is handy to know that shipping costs are always under estimated!

    I don't plan to bring loads of toiletries, just enough stuff to settle in with! Why on earth would anyone take big bottles of stuff???

    Books, not too bad, there are only about 9 I wish to bring, and 4 are text books that I can't digistise.

    Clothes and things like bits and pieces...... hmm, this is where I will struggle. As I said, when I'm trekking, I'm good at taking only what I need. Literally, I can go for a month with 3 pairs of knickers and socks, but when I am going on holiday/ moving my life to another country,,,,,,, I like to have more than enough t shirts, knickers, shorts etc!
  2. While I was teaching overseas in the middle east I found it really difficult to buy a duvet cover (they all used comforters). I would recommend taking one set of bedding for a bit of comfort. I'm in a similar position at the moment, it's so difficult isn't it! Good luck!

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