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How to assess History ( primary)

Discussion in 'History' started by wildfirez, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am looking for some manageable ways for staff to assess history within their classes. Unfortunately our local LA no longer have a History co-ordinator so I cannot go to them for advice.
    Thanks for your suggestions
  2. anyone ????!!!!
  3. I work in a middle school and so assess both KS2 and KS3. To get some sort of continuity I took the assessment criteria from the National Curriculum and turned it into an assessment grid from Level 1 right through using child friendly "I can..." statements. I've found it a bit much so plan to simplify it further but I can let you have a copy if you send me your email address. It might help.
  4. kate harvey

    kate harvey New commenter

    Also check out the old faithful: www.schoolhistory.co.uk
    They have lots of assessment ideas including levels in "pupil speak"

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