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How tired are you?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by omnimbus, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Hi

    A slightly mad question at this time of year, but how tired are you?

    I'm asking because I have been teaching for 6 years and diagnosed with MS for 7. I've been really lucky with my symptoms up to now.
    For the last year I have been exhausted all the time, lacking in motivation and wishing each day away.

    Is it MS or is it just teaching? :)

    So, how tired are you?

    Thank you.

  2. bump (or limp!)
  3. I'm so tired that every night I come home sit on the bed while getting changed and fall asleep for about an hour.
  4. DJL

    DJL New commenter

    I think we're all too tired to reply...
  5. I am so tired I cant actually see straight.
  6. Almost always falling asleep by 9pm. If not, I've had a sleep during the day (weekends).
  7. I put juice on my cereal this morning and drove past the motorway exit on the way home. Had to come off at the next one and turn around, but nearly forgot to come off that time too! On my way to bed now.
  8. I started to take my eye make up with nail varnish remover the other night and fell asleep standing up on the train tonight. The first one stung alot!!!
  9. Thank you

    Feel more normal now (but less sane in career choice!)

    Hope we all have good holidays :)
  10. Cooperuk

    Cooperuk Senior commenter

    So tired it hurts...

    You are not the only one.
  11. Really tired but not sure why. I found it worse before christmas but i make myself go to the gym 3-4 times a week to make sure when i do go to bed i am actually sleeping too.

    im hoping the way i am feeling at the minute is simply the end of year blues as i am wanting more from my career at the minute and it is not happening.
  12. I'm exhausted. When my alarm goes off it feels like the middle of the night! I literally spend all day looking forward to going back to bed! Roll on the holidays :)
  13. I am so flippin tired all the time. I think it's partly the weather and partly the lack of enjoyment in my job. When I'm unhappy or stressed I tend to go into shut down mode. I find myself unable to get up in the morning until 10 minutes before I have to leave and as result feel utterly dishevelled and disorganised.

    I try doing nothing in the evenings to relax but that seems to make it worse. I so need a holiday.
  14. I spend all day waiting to get home. I sleep for about two hours when I get home, as otherwise I can't function.

  15. jen2049

    jen2049 New commenter

    I'm very tired as well, and you can tell the children are beginning to get very irritable towards the end of this term.

    My Dad has MS, and he is very tired a lot of the time, we used to think he was just lazy really! But it will effect how tired you get, and it probably will worsen gradually as the years go by, and coupled with teaching can't help really! I think just trying to be healthy helps with this. I'm about ready to fall asleep as I'm typing this now.....zzzzzz
  16. chuk

    chuk New commenter

    When I was training and doing my BED degree, I used to ask the teachers how they overcame tiredness. The stock answer was 'You just get used to it'. That was in 1999. I have now been teaching for 9 years, in both Primary and Secondary and still fall asleep when I get home. It goes with the territory!
    I can't think of any other job where there is so much contact with human beings. Police force, Nursing, Armed Forces, Air traffic Controllers, Surgeons......none of them deal with such large numbers of people day-in and day-out! It is an incredibly stressful job. Lenny Henry played the part of a Headteacher in a T.V. series called 'Power and Glory'....he remarked that it was a tall order to be 'on show' for 5/6 hours a day.

    I am very lucky though...I get an incredible buzz from the job, and it actually makes me feel alive!
  17. i am ALWAYS tired. Slept funny last night too and my shoulders and neck are killing me.
  18. Exhausted. :(

  19. casper

    casper New commenter

    Just had an hours sleep. Feel better now.
  20. utterly.

    have also got a very sore throat.

    dosed up on cold medicines.

    now off to sleeeeeeeeeep. zzzzzz.

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