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How the heck do I get my 6 month-old to take solids?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by moomoon, May 26, 2011.

  1. Those net things are called Nuby Nibblers- might be worth a try and good for playing with food. Puree off fingers might work, including her own fingers.
  2. I don't feed solids after milk - I do it roughly half hour before milk but funny enough, LO is always able to drink her milk as well (and that's with giving her water with her 'meal' too). Sometimes it's been that I've fed her solids then straight away done milk - she's always managed both (now that reflux is sorted!).
    I think the problem with so many of these 'By the age of .......' statements is that as parents, we unnecessarily add stress and pressure to ourselves. As my sister who's a GP says, you don't ever see a grown up just drink breast / formula milk, so they get there eventually, just in their own time. And most can talk properly too (i.e. 6 months max to wean in order for speech development) so whatever happens kittens and ellesabe, don't make yourself upset because of this. It's easier said than done, I know, but just remember that as long as LO is happy on milk, you can try to start small on the solids - i.e. 1 spoon per 'meal', then increase to 2 spoons per meal. Think of each spoon as an achievement!
    Also agree with bunique about the not replacing milk feeds, but agree with ladybug in that the poster (apologies I can't remember your name) was probably thinking of an older child.
  3. Our LO is 23 weeks today - as an experiment (for the first time ever!) I've just offered her some mashed potato off my finger. She's put it in her mouth, looked at us both, and raspberried it straight out, haha. I think we'll be in a similar boat to you elle and waiting a while longer!
  4. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Thanks Lily and Bunique, I might try giving Lo some finger foods in a few days' time- will look at the finger foods thread for some ideas. I really don't want to force her to eat, it is frustrating when she won't as she's so tiny and losing weight, but she takes her milk well and hopefully with time things will improve. HV also asked if she is moving more, well yes in the last week or so she has been rolling a lot more and doing loads of tummy time of her own accord which is quite tiring, she's always kicking about so that must be burning lots of calories. Poor little skinny thing! She's on the 2nd centile now.
  5. I agree milk is the main source if calories now so really act like it's no big deal and pack away the food if she's not into it. I find Sasha goes through moods day by day, meal by meal and I just go with it - at breakfast often she just sits back and wants to have food shovelled in, at lunch she wants to sit with finger foods, trying it out for herself, dinner she sometimes refuses, sinetimes has spoonfed, mostly a mixture of her having a spoon and me also to show her what to do.
  6. No advice really and I don't know whether this will reassure or stress you out even more (hopefully reassure!) but my 81/2 month has until now barely eaten anything - refused to eat from a spoon right from the start and has only really this week started to accept anything from it. Even on a good day, he will only manage the equivalent of half a small pot of baby food. We also do mainly baby led weaning but he is just really not that interested in food and can't be bothered after a while and just messes around. Despite this and being an extremely active baby, he hasn't moved from his percentile line and is really well and full of energy. I'm hoping the eating is starting to take off a bit now and think when he gets a couple of teeth he might be more willing to persevere with the finger food. I was very worried about him at 6-7 months as was also told the '3 meals a day' line but it really was a waste of time and a lot of unnecessary stress. I'm sure you will get there in the end - I found that backing off for a while really helped. Milk has more calories in it than most pureed baby food anyway so there's no need to worry about them going hungry.
  7. There are a lot of babies out there who don't eatmuch til about 8-9 months.If you go to www.babyledweaning.com and talk to people on the forum there you will find dozens of people with very similar stories about babies not starting to eat (and refusing to accept spoons) til much later than 6 months. People just don'tsay much about it because so many people are set against it and it's later than the guidelines. So many parents will happily say that they weaned earlier than 6 months because baby was ready early, but just as many babies are not ready til later and parents are made to feel bad because the baby "needs" food at 6 months. They don't. There is no magic time when all babies need food, they all come to it in their own time. I know so many parents who have battled and fought their babies to get them to eat something, and then they find that a few weeks down the line baby is happily munching anything put in front of them. Is that because mum "won" or is it because the baby was suddenly ready to enjoy food? It's difficult to tell, but the mums who didn't fight with their babies find their babies come to it themselves at around the same time - generally under a year.
    I have yet to meet a school age child who hasn't started eating solids. I have yet to meet a child where it was instantly obvious whether they started solids earlier or later than 6 months. Your baby will learn about solids and you will become less stressed about it (you will move on to stressing about how healthily she is eating, is she eating too much? and many other things that children do to cause us worry)
  8. Moomoon - you said almost everything I wanted to say when I saw that post this morning but didn't have time to write a long reply then. Well said!
  9. I take it a post has been deleted that would have made me apoplectic with rage? [​IMG]
  10. I would ditch the pure vegetable purees and start giving her pureed meals instead and finger foods. My daughter would never eat veg purees and the hv said that if you wean at 6 months to introduce all of the food groups together. Ay 6 months it definitely doesnt work to make them really hungry. Later on it does though and I think there is some hysteria anout children being hungry. The number of people whose chubby toddlers ate constantly being shovelled full of snacks but wont eat meals staggers me.
  11. Ah yes, those wicked little creatures...
  12. I know, three hours after my daughter had been born, she had the cheek to cry! I couldn't believe it. After all I had done for her, carried her for 9 months, given birth to her, fed her, missed Big Brother for her and now she wanted attention?!
    Why?! Because she didn't want to be in her cot on her own. I was watching dinner date as well, she ruined the whole thing. I put her in her place, she won't mess with me anymore.

  13. Check out research/fora about baby led weaning. It's easy! Just supply baby with lots of finger foods and let them play. Some will go in their mouth, some on the floor - just be prepared for the mess.
    Yes baby will gag, but they have a much stronger reflex for this than we do, and will actually gag less often because they are in control of the food, unlike when it is put in their mouth by an adult/feeder.
    My LOs have all followed BLW from around 6mths, DS1 a bit sooner, and tbh I've had no issues with weaning AND they eat everything now. I have friends who pureed and they have very fussy eaters.
    Oh and who let the troll in (aka Moomoon)
  14. Hehe, sorry Bunique! I wonder why the posts have gone, nothing nasty was said - just a general difference of opinion. Does make things harder to follow.
    Anyway, this thread has gone very off topic, hoping the op is getting somewhere!

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