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How soon do you countdown?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jet786, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. jet786

    jet786 New commenter

    Just wondering how far out from the end of the year do you begin your "countdown" to the magic day when you can say goodbye to the dear little darlings you have been babysitting for the last few months...[​IMG] while hopefully trying to turn them into better functioning students in that time.
    What keeps you motivated as the days get warmer, the students attention span decreases and hormones increase and mountains of exam marking build on your desk....
    Just wondering....[​IMG]
  2. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Around 3 weeks.
    We have 3 weeks to go - I work overseas. 2 months off.[​IMG]
  3. jet786

    jet786 New commenter

    Not bad...somewhere in the middle east?
  4. Not done end of year tests yet!
  5. gergil4

    gergil4 New commenter

    Depending on the class, any time after the end of September .... :{
  6. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    yep. Most ME schools (UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi) finish around end June and return begining September.
  7. We finish 5 weeks next Friday, sounds better than in 6 weeks.
    I count finish days/weeks from the first day back after every holiday.
  8. Glad i'm not the only one.
    Think this term because I know i'm leaving it is even worse and i'm counting down each day rather than my usual weekly countdown!
  9. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    Schools are already on the wind down here, as they finish on the 29th/30th June.
  10. NOW!
    I even book a weekend B & B half way through the last 7 weeks, just to break it up a bit..[​IMG]
  11. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    I start at 190.
  12. 1st Sept. I forget to count for great swathes of the year mind...
  13. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Now that (as a supply) I no longer have guaranteed paid to scale summer holiday pay I don't count down to the summer holidays any more, especially as July and September can be devoid of supply work. Instead I count down to the end of April in the hope that I've earned enough money in the previous 12 months. Funny how perceptions change - my teaching year begins in March now.
  14. I already know the number of lessons with each class that remain, and do so as a calculation at the start of each half term. This could be to ensure that I have planned well to cover the syllabus, but it isn't.
    As year 11 have finally fucked off after completing their GCSE Sums on Friday, I'm contemplating setting up a nice Excel spreadsheet that automatically reduces the size of a bar chart as each day passes, so I can see the 21st July approach in a visual form.
    cyolba, not waiting patiently :)
  15. Four more days of term in my overseas outpost..yay and woohooo!

  16. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    I thought we had it good on 30th June. Where are you?
  17. Anyone else not finish until Wed 27th July? Can't believe how very late it is this year. Am not impressed by the 5 and a half week break!
  18. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    We are out this Wednesday (in Oman), but then we'll be back again for a strange little dance in mid-August in order to get some calender (sp?) days in before Eid.
  19. I get so annoyed when people think June is some sort of "wind down" month here. In my school it's business as usual until the last week. With the extra fun of writing reports.

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