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How soon after maternity leave can you go back on maternity leave?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by rapink, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. rapink

    rapink New commenter

    As above, I've had a few fertility problems, a miscarriage then took 10 months to conceive again. I've found out I have low AMH levels so if I was to try and have another child (currently pregnant) I couldn't leave it too long, as told my a fertility consultant.

    I've been at the school permanently employed since 2014. I'm due to go off on maternity March 2020 and hoping to take a year off. What's the shortest amount of time I'd need to go back for to pay off maternity and be entitled to another maternity? Schools covered by the burgundy book. Thanks.
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    There is no minimum; you could have two maternity leaves without a gap, although it's very unlikely!

    As far as OMP goes, if you haven't done your 13 weeks for the first one, then that's just deferred until you return from the second. I don't know if you then have to do 26 weeks in total, or whether the same 13 weeks can count for both However bear in mind that childcare for two under-threes is expensive, and so you might not want to return after the second. It might be sense not to spend too much of the OMP from the first one, in case you do get pregnant again fairly quickly, and end up deciding not to go back.

    I think SMP can be affected for the second maternity leave, as it's based on average earnings in a particular time-frame, and I think that would be done off the maternity pay you're getting by then, not your normal salary. Not sure about OMP.

    Anyway, go for it as soon as you're ready*: don't worry about the finance side too much, as you might regret it later if you leave it too late.

    *And if you're not ready, don't beat yourself up about it. I wasn't ready for a while, and eventually we decided to stick at one. There may be disadvantages, but there are also a lot of advantages, and it was the right thing for us in the end, although I'd always thought I'd want at least two.

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