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How on earth can SEAL be used in a PSHCE scheme of work?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by arth, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Please I would love a Seal scheme of work I am trying to write a policy for the first time: mccarthyaisling@hotmail.com

  2. Please I would love a Seal scheme of work I am trying to write a policy for the first time: mccarthyaisling@hotmail.com

  3. cas64

    cas64 New commenter

    I have recently taken on the post of PSHE co-ordinator and have been told that I need to incorporate SEAL with the rest of PSHE scheme. It seems a massive job to do especially when it seems that most year groups spend only 30-45 mins a week on PSHE currently. So I am not sure where to start! Linking to other areas of curriculum may be the way forward so any ideas along this line would be most apprieciated.
  4. could i jump on the band wagon? i have just taken over PSHE, and i have to include seal as well as Learning to learn within the year...argh, been stressing all holidays, as not a specialist

  5. /www.bandapilot.org.uk/secondary/

    resources created for seal in year 7

    we are delivering explicit seal lessons via form tutors as part of pshe for year 7

    resources available ffor other year groups and cross curricular sow

    we are about to start using the anti bullying resources]

  6. Hi, I started this thread. I wrote this a few months back and thought I'd remind people whats avaiIable:
    "I thought Id make it easier for people to access my stuff by putting it on the TES resources section. Unfortunately because most of its PSHE it comes up as KS3! Ive put the following on there:
    Separate schemes of work of years 1-6 (incorporating SEAL),
    A drugs policy,
    A PSHE policy,
    A Numeracy plan for the first 2 weeks of year 2 (based on the new framework) and
    A PSHE MTP for GOOD TO BE ME (SEAL) for 6 weeks of Spring term in year 2.
    I had loads of other Healthy Schools policies too- but my computer AND my memory stick died on me! If you search for them under PSHE and policy etc (whichever is appropriate) you should find them. Hope they are useful."
  7. bloody brilliant

    cheers Arth

  8. help - does this link still work?
  9. Hiya
    I'm in the same position as you were in a while ago - I'm taking over as someone has retired. Our old co-ordinator said we should use SEALS but then we had the LCP PSHE file to work from?????? Therefore no-one knew what they were supposed to be doing? I need to have some outline of a whole-school scheme before I go back in Sepetmeber - any ideas would be much appreciated.

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